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My Design For You…

Since i start blogging.. i always check who commented my post.. but i know some viewers just like to read but don’t bother to comment.. why? well.. i do check some blogs too..and sometimes you don’t know what to comment.. its like..oh okay..nice post.. continue blog hop..once you leave the blog.. if you have registerContinue Reading “My Design For You…”

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Blogs Updates!

I have just updated my other blog, i have not forgotten about it, just can’t recall which design i haven’t posted in.  At last i managed to find time to add few design in it… phew…and i even change the look.. hehe..  to get good feng shui… money, money… come to me!!. As for thisContinue Reading “Blogs Updates!”

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Dear friends a.k.a bloggers! As promised long ago, i have a design that need your touch. Please checkout ‘Colour My Design’ and give me your feedback. Just show your talent by colouring the design and email back to me. Thanks.