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The Lifestyle Habits that Causes Diabetes


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder affecting over 18 million people and is characterized by high blood glucose levels.  Chronic elevation of blood glucose is associated with increased incidence of heart disease, kidney disease, nerve  dysfuncyion, and eye damage.  In fact diabetes is o ne of the leading causes of death in us and increasing. There […]

Appreciate Your Teachers

Glad there are everybody wants to reconnect with their old friends, colleagues and next.. reunion.  Curious how they look like after 10 or 20 years.. where they are now, their families.. its interesting to find out how they choose their path, how those with academic just stay comfortable and those average grades are more […]

You Give Me Ideas, I Give You Earrings!

My two blogs have been very quite lately, not much time to post and update. Just to refresh you, these blogs are still available and active. I would like to inform that my Butique will be having a ‘Sales’ for year end. I will giving 10%, 20% and 30% on selected items, mostly earrings, i […]

Blogging Friends Forever Award

Wah wee.. another award being passed around.. and i got this from colyn.. thanx moi.  I wish this is a credit card..  if its a credit card, i am a happy blogger.. i will definately try some online trading .. who knows can get more income…. Anyway, thanks colyn for the award. Here are the […]

I Got Award!

I just place back my chat box in my blog.. and i got message from Osindak and Faye to claim an award from their blogs… wah wee… sioknya.. i got this award. Nice of you zan and faye… thanx! Some rules: 1. Put the logo on your blog 2. Add a link to the person […]

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