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Trip to Kipandi Butterfly Park

I have prepared a mind map for my family.. only a brief one .. it will be my guide for our monthly activities for my family, my children especially. I want them to enjoy life.. make appreciate life and teaching them of life balance from the early age. In a month they will have visitsContinue Reading “Trip to Kipandi Butterfly Park”

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Delicious Foods by Talented Kids

The first time i saw this show on TV.. i was like.. ‘is this real?’.. ‘are you kidding me?’.. there are children.. ages between 7 to 13 years old… yet they can really!… they are talented young chef..talented young children. This is what i am talking about Junior Master Chef Australia ! This showContinue Reading “Delicious Foods by Talented Kids”

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Glue on Glee

I love watching Glee .. even though i did not follow the series but i watch whenever i have the opportunity to do so. Glee is full of emotions.. imagining myself back when i was a teenager.. yup.. life as a teenagers.. there are rejections, sadness, love, happy, surprises, fun, crazy, wild and full ofContinue Reading “Glue on Glee”