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Creativity Starts at Craftiviti

My First Powtoon Animation

I always wanted to try on animation but most sites i visit are costly then i found something interesting.. fresh and full of awesomeness.  After looking through the tutorials and trying on it.. i manage to create my own powtoon animation. Powtoon is really awesome! This is my first animation presentation, i created one ..’an […]

The Modern Kitchen

I am sure you love being in your kitchen.  The smell of the bread or cake that you bake, the aroma of your coffee.  Kitchen is the best place. My kitchen is small, so we make a choice to get rid of some appliances and invested on Thermomix TM5.  Its is so expensive but its […]

The Invisible World

Earlier this month, me and other colleagues were attending a Seminar in KL but that’s not what i want to talk about.  I want to share my experience for being early at the airport.  Well not so early but earlier then the rest of my friends.  I was enjoying my ‘me time’.. the alone doing […]

Trip to Kipandi Butterfly Park

I have prepared a mind map for my family.. only a brief one .. it will be my guide for our monthly activities for my family, my children especially. I want them to enjoy life.. make appreciate life and teaching them of life balance from the early age. In a month they will have visits […]

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