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    Desperate Housewives

    Me and my husband have been a great fan of  Desperate Housewives lately… we watches the last season but we were not into it… we just stuck to our seats watching from the beginning till the end … of every episodes.  I feel like watching reality in life.. each of them represent us.. the wives.. struggling to be a good mother, great wife, how we sometimes become so desperate to impress others…, our loves ones..how good we are.. how better we can be.

    I love these  beautiful ladies… whenever i watch them.. i can see me and my best friends… we fight.. we make up.. we are like sisters.


    Susan Delfino played by Teri Hatcher

    Neurotic, ditzy, clumsy, geeky and generally unlucky, Susan is a children’s book illustrator by profession. She has an 18-year-old daughter, Julia, and a young son, MJ, by husband Mike.

    I love Susan.. lol..she is so funny… and desperate sometimes..


    Lynette Scavo played by Felicity Huffman

    High-powered exec turned harassed mother of four children, Lynette still manages to be the most real of all the housewives, though the daily grid never seems to ease for her.

    She’s down to earth in the extreme, except when she takes her sons’ ADD medicine to cope with her demanding life.

    I salute this mother.. i love her style..she is a stick mother and a great wife.


    Gabrielle Solis played by Eva Longoria Parker

    In the past, this Hispanic princess wouldn’t let anything come between her and what she wanted. But the last five years have taken their toll on the former catwalk model. Still married to blind husband Carlos, she now has two young daughters, Juanita and Celia, both with a weight problem.

    And gone is the glamorous look that once typified Gabby. These days she’s lost her spot on the social ladder, put on weight and is worn down by family life and the challenges of parenthood.

    I love gabby.. sexy.. funny.. not really a great mother but she try her best… love her.


    Bree Hodge played by Marcia Cross

    Brittle, frigid, uptight, Bree is more concerned than all her neighbors about keeping up appearances. Her perfectionist attitude borders on obsessive compulsive, though she would never admit to it.

    Bree is known for cleaning, ironing, gardening, even re-upholstering her furniture, but most of all for her cooking, and it’s this that’s brought her into catering, running a successful business in partnership with Katherine. She’s also brought out a cookbook and is making appearances on local TV.

    I should say.. she is ‘everything’..she try to be perfect in everything..


    Edie Williams played by Nicollette Sheridan

    A serial divorcee, having been married twice before getting hitched to new hubby Dave Williams, Edie is also Wisteria Lane’s predatory housewife.

    She’s a real estate agent who’s not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants and her conquests have alienated her from most of the community’s female population.

    To be honest.. i don’t like her.. not my type of friend.


    These ladies are like mounts… they can be very stubborn.. the believe in themselves..they represents strong, smart women.. i love them.

    You want to know which  Housewife are you.. try this quiz..click on the link… The Desperate Housewives Personality Quiz.

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    Our Favorite Barbie Songs

    My daughter, Chrissa  love to watch Barbie..mmm not only her.. i love Barbie..whenever we..girls imagine of Barbie..we imagine a perfect young lady.. beautiful, humble, sweet.. perfect skin without using any acne treatment, perfect hair.. everything a girl wish for.

    Chrissa loves to listen to Barbie’s songs… her favorites are these two songs…from Barbie and The Diamond Castle.  I love the story too.. its all about friendship.

    Whenever she hear this songs..she will sing along.. and its her lullaby.. her daddy will play this song from his hp… we will hear her humming to the song.. and in a while…zzzzz..she sleep like a baby… sweet dream in the Diamond Castle…dancing with Barbie and friends.

    Our family fall in love with this song.. and it becoming our theme song… check out this video.. sing along with it.. you will know why we love it so much.

    Enjoy this video by Rev. Jeremy Haft feat Katherine McPhee.. ‘Connected’.

    This beautiful song not only for best friends who have each other but also  for family.. every member of a family..we need each other…. we protect each other… we listen to each other.. we are there for each other.. we are connected!

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    Maid or Nursery?

    I read in the newspaper recently about maid.. where our neighboring country proposed their people who work as maid to be paid RM600 in Sabah.. If you think about it.. if you have more than two children, i guess its worth it..but if you have two children.. i guess i choose nursery.  Having experience both having maid and sending my kids to nursery i come to conclusion of these pros and cons :

    Pros of having Maid

    I have quality time with my family, time with my husband and most of all time for myself.

    I don’t have to rush home, no worries for late charge from nursery especially if i stuck in a jamm.

    I don’t need to do the laundry, dishes..and most of the cleaning.. i just supervise.

    I have time to cook without interruption… sometimes if i have something on.. i let her cook.

    Children can have proper rest at home.

    Cons of having Maid

    My maid like to arrange things on her own way.. sometimes she misplace things.. and i hate searching for things.. and she don’t know what i was looking for and worse she don’t know where she kept it… i remember the time i was searching for my anti wrinkle cream .. lucky i found it.

    She loves to do cleaning, ironing,..but so rough and clumpsy.. imagine now i have to get a new washing machine, iron, standing fan… i don’t know what else.. because i just found out few things broke…grrr..haiya.

    I am trying to save cost.. she waste! waste! waste!… almost everything.. from detergent, liquid dishes.. haiya no need to complain lagi lah.

    oh ya.. my girl..sometimes speak like her.. grrrr….but funny.

    Pros of Sending kids to Nursery/Daycare

    I have been sending my children to nursery/daycare, they are more independent and discipline.

    have lots of friends…they have somebody to communicate with.

    They learn new things, early education… music etc.

    Cons of Sending kids to Nursery/Daycare

    Tired! tired! tired!… every night prepare my kids things for the next day… and coming back..need to wash all the dirty clothes..hehe… rushing back from work..need to cook, bath them.. so many 2 in 1, 3 in 1 thingy…hahaha..

    Not only mummy and daddy tired… kesian also to see my children..wake up in the morning.. and come back do their home work..limited time to play… only weekend lah.

    That is my personal opinion.. my maid just left.. she wanted to cancel her visa from her former boss but her former boss want her to work back with her or else her husband, whom are working with the same family will lose his job.   When they searching for job..they want us to get them from where they stay..now it easy for them to find a reason to leave… her cousin called me..wanted to work..mmm..  i don’t think so lah for now..

    So now.. i am back to square one..but i guess nothing different..only extra work, extra effort, extra patience, time management, cooperation between me and husband.. we even let our kids get to do other chores…so far they doing great.  I think we are comfortable now.. i don’t think i need a maid for now.  I manage..we manage.. and we survive without them.