Life is a beautiful journey!

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Family Personal

God Saved Their Lives

Thank you God, you saved my family’s live. My dad was driving with my mum, sister and another cousin. There were on their way to St. Augustine, Kinarut on Sunday morning (27 Jan 08). According to my daddy, he was turning from a junction when he saw a car speeding .. he just heard my …

Friend Personal

How I hate today..

I feel so grumpy today… It is so not my day..  i never believe on  ‘BLACK MONDAY’..  its not in my diary.. but today.. i just really hate it! I came to the office, i start doing the job that i supposed to do and at the same time i ended up doing new task… …


Future ahead of us..

Can you imagine what it will be like if you won a lottery? How could your life change by it.. getting lots of money in a blink.   We dont know whats ahead us.. are we getting richer, getting poorer.. sometimes i wish i can tell the future or know the future..  Well maybe i watch …