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Chinese New Year Fever

Everybody is busy with Chinese New Year gathering on the Chinese New Year Eve. My boss kindly gave us opportunity to leave the office early than usual. After our job completed, we nicely packed our things and gone with the wind.. hehehe. First day of Chinese New Year, my family visit my relatives in Kinarut, …

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My Future Daughter In-Law

I am smiling while typing this… anyway, i have asked the mother of this lovely girl permission to write this post.  She is my bestfriend’s daugher, her name is Amber Priyanka Narayanan.  Well since both of us, their mothers are friends, we made a joke about getting our children for ‘arrange marriage’ . Dont you …

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Planning For Family Day

My aunty Donna was busy emailing each other on how fun it will be if we can gathered our families for a FAMILY DAY, so we decided to ask my brother, bona for his assistance. The three of us managed to gather for a meeting. First meeting was on 13th FebruaryJanuary, held in aunty Donna’s …