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    My Christmas Gratitude

    Every year during Christmas Day we have our family prayer at home, its our traditional way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Not that we are a holy perfect and perfect family but we are sinners.  We are the imperfect family, we quarrel, we have our own problems, we don’t have same opinion and at some point we annoyed each other  but  we share our problems, give our thoughts and find solutions.

    Asking God to help our family in our life journey, we asked for blessings, forgiveness and peace in our family and the world.   We pray because we are sinners and we want God to be the center in our family.  I believe Christmas is the day we reflect on ourselves, have we treat people the way we want people treat us or have we share peace and love to people around us?


    How do we celebrate Christmas?  We worry ourselves with so many questions in our mind… from what to cook, what present to buy, should i buy toys, stationery for my nephews and nieces, or maybe buy violin or guitar for my musician nephews (pretty confusing and mind damaging 🙁  sometimes).   Nevertheless, what theme or color and style your family want to create this Christmas Day.

    I am still that worry and confuse person but not too much these days, thanks to age .. i become wiser and more simpler.  As much as many things and many places i wanted to go and to be… being with family is the best thing.

    This is our family and this is the memories we and our children will remember .. Christmas Day is a day to Pray Together, Eat Together, The Giving of Gifts (somehow only kids have presents) yes a Family Togetherness.

    I am Thanking God for this wonderful imperfect family i have, for the love we share and for everything we been through.. the bad, worse and the sweetness in life.


    Thank you dad & mum (Mr. Bonnie Hunggim & Rose Indus) for sharing with us the sweet and bitterness in life, for showing us that life is imperfect but with God life is good.. life is perfect in our own way.

    Thank you brother and sister inlaw ( Bonaventure Boniface & Doreen Chong) even though you are younger than me but you show full responsibility and leadership in our family.  My one and only sister inlaw Doreen.. you are my angel and great guardian to my children. Nobody can ever make my asperger son pray like you did.  Such angel you are… i almost cried when i see Sean pray with confidence, you give me hope and faith in God.

    My sister Sharon and husband, Geofrey.  Who am i to judge your family and what you have been through but i know God is always there in your family.  All i want for Christmas today and forever is to see you grow! grow in faith..grow in family union.  Where there is forgiveness.. there is always place for LOVE.  Thank you for being a sweet joy of love .. you children are wonderful because how to show them and how God works in their life.

    My younger sister Shell and husband, Alexander.  I love you guys so much.. May god always be with you and guide your journey in whatever you do.

    and last but not least..my dear husband.. Christopher.  We are the imperfect family who come together and make life beautiful in our own way.

    Merry Christmas everyone!


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    The Joy of Christmas

    I can’t believe it! It is almost the end of 2015. Before it comes to an end, we will be celebrating Christmas. Christmas always bring joy to me and all the people around me. This will be the time for family to come together, pray together, prepare and eat lots of food together.


    xmas food

    Food have been my favorite part, for gathering my husband bakes his famous ‘shepherd pie’, my sister in law with her famous ‘fruit cakes’, my younger sister’s delicious ‘pizza’, my elder sister’s ‘non halal food’ and my mum’s awesomely delicious cookies.
    This year I will contribute foods as I already invested on a good handy helper ‘Thermomix’ that really helps me in many ways.


    I cooked many different types of food, as it comes with more than 1000 recipes world wide.. I just need to google and try it hands on.

    Christmas Trees and Decors



    What is Christmas without decoration and Christmas Trees. Christmas is dull and plain without Christmas tree and décors. It can be just a simple decoration yet it will give the Christmas joy and spark the happiness around you.


    The Gifts


    This is what the children been waiting for on Christmas day and I always having problems buying gifts especially when my children, nephews and nieces are pretty much in between kids and teen. I love giving stationery as a gift because it can be useful for them but for them it is boring stuff as Christmas gifts. Well this year I try to gift something that are not so boring yet useful even though unsure what it would be.   I have no idea what to give my children, nephews and nieces just yet… i will figure it out soon.  Meanwhile i saw something interesting online which can be a good gift ideas too, especially for your loved ones.  Masonic rings from Joy Jewelers has a wide range of beautiful jewelries but the rings are beautiful.





    You  can check it out yourselves.   They also have other jewelry for you to choose as a Christmas gift for your spouse, mother, mother in law or anyone you feel loves jewelry.

    The Joy Of Christmas


    The true meaning of Christmas is beyond the delicious foods, latest trend style you wears or the presents you receive.  What is important is to have the love around us, share the joy to others and spread peace upon humankind.

    The wise men come to worship, just as the shepherds do. That’s why they are wise; not because they know the means, the way, but because they know the end; not because they lift their heads to the stars but because they bow their knees to the Baby. Wisdom is not the pride of cleverness in knowledge, but the humility of holiness. The fear of the Lord, that is the beginning of wisdom.

    No matter how we celebrate our Christmas Day, be it grand or simple.. its the day to remember Jesus our Savior.


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    Christmas Party Ideas

    untitledHow time flies…  Christmas is just around the corner! I haven’t bought any presents and my main problem is what to give to the children.  My  children, including my nephews and nieces are growing up.  I remember buying them toys, then stationeries and I don’t know what next.  I have only a week to think of what to buy.

    The other things to think is Christmas activity… what should we do for the children as they are the one for are looking forward for that day. There are few ideas I found online and to share with you a few, hoping you will have extras ideas on what to plan this Christmas.

    1.  Singing Christmas Carol

     What I have in mind is a Christmas carol by my children, nephews and nieces,  as they can sing, play guitar but the only problem is we don’t have keyboard and keyboard stand.  Well guitars are just good.



    Another interesting activity is games..

    2.   Pin the Red nose on Rudolf



    Large picture of Rudolph (download here)
    Red circle cutouts for his nose, one per person
    Double stick tape
    Black Sharpie


    Print out a poster-sized picture of Rudolph and tape it to a wall in the office

    How to Play

    Hand out one red circle per contestant, and affix double-stick tape to one side of each circle.

    Have each contestant write their name in Sharpie on the red circle so you can determine whose circle is closest to Rudolph’s real nose at the end of the game.

    Put a blindfold on each contestant, spin them around once, and let them try to stick their red circle nose closest to Rudolph’s nose on the poster.

    Repeat until everyone’s red circles are up on the board and you have a winner.

    The person who places their red circle closes to where Rudolph’s nose should be, wins!

    Idea and source from Celebrations.com



    3.  Fill the Christmas stocking.

    Divide into teams and have the participants race to fill their team’s hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candy.

    4.  Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

    Fill a Christmas stocking with unusual items. Let each guest feel the inside of the stocking (without looking) or feel inside the stocking (again, without looking) and make a list of what he or she thinks is in the stocking! The winner is the player with the most correct guesses. Be sure to put in a few challenging objects that will be hard to guess.

    Read more from the source : Christmas Party Games http://www.easy-party-ideas-and-games.com/christmas-party-games.html#ixzz3LN8OOrTk

    5.  Printable Activity


    Last but not least, you can also add ideas such as coloring or any printable activity for kids to have fun with.

    Enjoy!! wishing you all a wonderful Christmas party! 🙂