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    If You Want Something… Visualize It

    According to ‘The Secret’… in order to achieve or get what we want. What we need to do is just visualize it.. in a way that it already exist..in front of your eyes. You can get almost anything from the universe the only thing to do is ask.
    Imagine what we want…be creative in your imagination… if what you want is in the terms of things..or items..maybe.. a VCD player, latest gadget or laptop or maybe 5.1 home theatre system…. anything… just imagine the shape.. the color.. the sound.. (if have any).. and imagine where you want to place it.
    You might need to feel the emotions if you get it..what you wanted, how would it affect your emotion..happy,..excited..or enjoy. Do these steps at the same time everyday.. or keep it in your journal.. why you really want it.. when can you get it.. what value it makes to you and others.
    There is another way on how to get what you want ..just cut the pictures of the certain things or items and paste it in your journal or somewhere where you can see everyday.
    You might not get it tomorrow but maybe one good day. And it won’t happened if you don’t believe it.


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    Stress Free & Youthful Look With ‘Mind Vacation’

    Are you stress? you have so many things in mind .. you really want to solve your problems but you don’t know what or how to start.  The only way to think is to relax yourself first.   Let me share with you a technique.. i called it ‘mind vacation’.   Let me bring you to the beach.. you do not have to put any lotion.. that saves me from giving you tanning lotion reviews.  If you can do this technique for 10-20 minutes a day.. i assure you..you will have less stress life and a youthful looks.

    Ready? lets start..

    Close your eyes.. and imagine.. you are at a beautiful beach right now.. just imagine what do you want to see.. would you want to be alone? or would you like to have other people to be there?  its all up to you.. its your imagination.. your vacation.. you have the right to feel and imagine whatever you like.

    Now.. lay down on the beach.. feel the warm sun touches your skin.. relax yourself.. feel the breeze touches your face.. and smell the ocean.

    Continue relaxing yourself..imagine of letting go the sadness.. your anger.. your stress there..   once you are ready to wake up.. just open your eyes.. I am sure you will feel great after your ‘mind vacation’.

    Happy Mind Vacation


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    Assisting Teenagers Using NLP

    This have been a good year,  everything comes just at the place and meeting people at the right time.

    My first move was  to learn Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)  which i wasn’t sure where it leads me.  So now, graduated as a NS-NLP Practitioner, what should i do next? Should i just stop here?  I love talking to people, sharing and helps them where i can, i am blessed that i can easily relate to their problems or emotions.  Having NLP is like an extra skills that enable me to read their emotions and help them in their issues.  Who should i help? I remember i was chatting with my long lost cousin and she have her own tution center for secondary school,  i told her about what i have learned.  She was so interested and asked me to come and willing to give her students as my ‘quinea pig‘.

    I did  ‘one to one’ with them,  there were not  willing to open up at first but after  naturally let their emotions out after they feel relaxed and confident talking to me.   One or two girls did not ready to share,  i know they are still hiding something.. well just give them time.. I am sure they will opened up when they really are ready.

    But having have time talking to these teenage girls reminds me of myself, i then have ideas on what or where i am heading to in this.  My passion is to help others, so i decided i start helping teenagers.  Teenagers trust strangers more than their own parents, they willing to open up to strangers rather then their own relatives.  I have been through that stages and now it is time for me to assist them in whatever areas they need to know.  Doing NLP to teenagers are an interesting experience because they accepted the idea very fast and their imagination are strong and very creative.

    I have few issues that i heard from five girls , just to summarize their issues :  facing problem focusing in  study because she keep thinking about her boyfriend all the time (even her boyfriend in the same class),  having problems with their mothers, problems with friends, identity and  rejection.

    Teenagers are trying to create their own personality, this is the stages that they have to be careful, they will want to try so many things.. which may harm them.  Teenage girls are easily attracted to diet pills without checking the lipofuze side effects, they willing to try anything to look sexy and beautiful than others, well they are always competition.

    They are two types of teenagers, the ‘who know everything’ well just assist and guide them, and the other one is don’t know everything’ ..so we need to teach and help them.

    The best part is they look forward to seeing me again, the passion of helping teenagers drives me to learn more and their happy  smile is my rewards and their words of appreciations  means so much to me.