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If You Want Something… Visualize It

According to ‘The Secret’… in order to achieve or get what we want. What we need to do is just visualize it.. in a way that it already front of your eyes. You can get almost anything from the universe the only thing to do is ask. Imagine what we want…be creative in yourContinue Reading “If You Want Something… Visualize It”

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Stress Free & Youthful Look With ‘Mind Vacation’

Are you stress? you have so many things in mind .. you really want to solve your problems but you don’t know what or how to start.  The only way to think is to relax yourself first.   Let me share with you a technique.. i called it ‘mind vacation’.   Let me bring you to theContinue Reading “Stress Free & Youthful Look With ‘Mind Vacation’”

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Assisting Teenagers Using NLP

This have been a good year,  everything comes just at the place and meeting people at the right time. My first move was  to learn Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)  which i wasn’t sure where it leads me.  So now, graduated as a NS-NLP Practitioner, what should i do next? Should i just stop here?  IContinue Reading “Assisting Teenagers Using NLP”