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    Ready for Adventures..

    I am not an adventurous kind of person but i feel its time for me to try an adventure.  I am thinking of doing activity or sport that is adventurous yet safe for my family.   What suits my ideas? mount climbing will be early for my kids and i don’t think i can climb the mountain yet.   Another one i have in mind is kayak, and there even special design for kayak seats for kids, how awesome is that.

    Watching a discovery channel on Astro today about diving in Sipadan give me an eye opener.  I feel the next trip will be going to Sipadan or at least Manukan first and diving will be the best activity.  When my daughter watch the program on tv, she said.. “can we go there..? i want to dive”.  It was so beautiful under the water as how they captured it, it really makes you want to go there and dive.

    I can already imagine my kids can dive .. like this picture that i have taken from the internet.. this will make me want to go diving with my family.


    Hopefully this picture can motivate us to learn how to dive..  🙂

    If i can’t do this activity for this year, i might set goal for next year.  It will be an activity to look forward to.

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    Water oh Water!

    What a week!.. i am beginning to familiarized the ‘red notes’ at the information notice at our apartment..  ‘….. there will be no water on…. at… ‘  Oh no! not again.  If this continues, we might need to buy a steel drums in order to saved more water.. probably for a week.

    When we don’t have a water supply, we realized we treasure even a drop of water, same goes if we don’t have electricity.. as much as we love the coolness of the aircond.. any fan will be good to cool down the heat.

    I hope water will always enough for everyone but at the same time learning not to waste it is important as well.

    Water.. and electricity are part of our daily needs.. but if you have to choose between these two..what would you choose?

    I wish i don’t have to choose either.. i need both 🙂


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    May God Bless Malaysia!.. and Peace on Earth

    I always have been careful with what i wanted to talk about…i prefer talking about family ..rather than sensitive issues such as politics.. but today i feel like sharing my own personal thoughts.

    Living in a multi-racial country with freedom of religion in Malaysia, … we proud to say that we are 1Malaysia!… are we proud of what happened recently? no, i don’t think so.  Churches, Mosques and Temples or any house of worship should not be disturbed. I believe those culprit had a hidden agenda.. its not moves by their religion …but driven by their own anger.

    Whatever our religion or belief.. , Christian, Muslim, Buddha .. I believe all religions in the world teaches peace and love… not war and hatred… Whatever we are fighting for.. the word of  ‘Allah’ and who have the rights to use it… or other sensitive issues regarding race and religion…i hope we can come into a final solution to solve the matter in peace.

    I have friends from different races and religion.. i respect them..we respect each other  and i hope we will always live in peace and harmony.. we can still go to church without being scared..or might use emi shielding for protection.

    Love not Hate, Peace not War, Bless not Curse!…

    May Allah Bless Malaysia..