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    Your Music


    What kind of music you like to listen? Do you play any music instruments?  If you could save on  digital piano at any music center then you can take a lesson there.  I just registered my son for a music therapy and so far he is enjoying the lesson.

    Music is just wonderful..  you will be easily anchored,  when you listen to a certain music that really meaningful to you even if its 10 years ago.. you will feel all the moments that happened at that time, the place, the feeling ..everything as it was 10 years ago.

    If you can’t sleep, you can listen to slow music and you can imagine yourself singing or dancing with it.  Music also helps you reduce stress and give you more stress.. it is all on what type of music you listen.  It is your own music, some people love rock but others can’t, some love country, others can’t stand that music… it is your music, your pick your genre and be happy.

    Listen to the right music that can move your heart and heal your soul.


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    PSY A World Stage Performer :)

    I was looking through my facebook wall when i see so many posting about Gangnam Style.. and it come in different version… Gangnam Sabah Style, Zumba Gangnam Style.. just to name a few from lots of versions shared in my wall.    Make me wonder what is the video all about.. when i watch it with my daughter.. we laughed.. because the dance are funny in the version..i thought it was a gimmick of something.. but looking at the original video .. iya it does look, silly, crazy yet fun at the same time..no wonder the video hits a jackpot number in the utube.

    I wonder how people can go crazy with Psy..of course there are people hates his music..  never mind.. they have their sense of music.. can’t make people loves what you love..can’t you?   well what i love about Gangnam Style.. is Psy and his creativity.. and how his funny and silly dance is like a virus spreading the whole world.

    Psy and his Gangnam Style perform in 2012 MTV Video Music Award, perform with Madonna in NYC and Perform at the American Music Awards ft MC Hammer.. mmm mind you.   Watching him dance with MC Hammer.. just make me smile.. i am not Korean but i am Asian.. it just make me proud.. yeah PSY!

    What will Psy do know.. buying davidoff cigars online.. while watching different version of  Gangnam Style.   There you go..another creativity that just hit the music industry and the world.

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    What Doesn’t Kill You….

    I love this song very much.. ..the music.. sounds like ukuleles  music that can make you want to listen to it over and over again.  But what i love most is the lyrics.. it is just beautiful and true indeed..my favorite is in the chorus ‘… what doesn’t kill you make stronger, stand a little taller… .. What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter ..footstep even lighter…’ whenever i listen to this song..it really makes me feel good.

    Beautiful and meaningful music like this always makes me feel great.. and i am so glad there are talented artist producing and sharing their beautiful songs to the world.

    Enjoy the video.. and remember that what doesn’t kill you..make you stronger 🙂