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Stop Asking And Start Living

There are times i feel unfairness in some personal issues and the more i look at it, the picture bigger and clearer the picture are.  Why me? i asked in my prayer but i never get any answer.    I struggle with negative emotions,  nothing is good, nothing i fine and i still wonder why. EverythingContinue Reading “Stop Asking And Start Living”

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Glue on Glee

I love watching Glee .. even though i did not follow the series but i watch whenever i have the opportunity to do so. Glee is full of emotions.. imagining myself back when i was a teenager.. yup.. life as a teenagers.. there are rejections, sadness, love, happy, surprises, fun, crazy, wild and full ofContinue Reading “Glue on Glee”

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I Fell In Love With Kandasamy

Honestly i never like to watch Tamil movie…its just full of fighting bang bang…( the sound effect on the fighting scene are just too much) and the love story were just predictable.. (give me more thrill)..   As far as i remember…I never finish watching any Tamil movie with my hubby… until last night..its like iContinue Reading “I Fell In Love With Kandasamy”