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Self Hand Massage

I feel so bad.. nose block, eyes read. I cant hardly swallow because of my tonsil.. might be swollen.  I feel like eating porridge or Chicken Wine Soup lihing’. No mood to work.. cant concentrate lah.. I slowly press my finger tips.. so painful but then i realised that while massaging my hand .. i …

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Tradisional Therapies for Diabities

Misai Kucing Botanical name : Orthosiphon stamineus benth. Known as misai kuching (cat’s whiskers) here, or kumis kuching in Indonesia, this herb is popular with many Southesast Asians. for centuries, they have been brewing and drindking misai kucing, also known as Jawa tea or kideny tea. this medicinal herb has been used traditionally for treating …

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Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is often referred to as a joint disease.  In reality, it is a far more debilitating disease involving the immune system.  RA causes your own immune system to attack your joints, causing chronic pain and irreversible joint deterioration. Epimeliology RA affects about 1% of adults during their most productive years, and women …