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Time To Be On Her Own

My earlier post I was talking about redecorating my house, starting with the living room.  Now my daughter is willing to sleep on her own with few conditions.  My daughter are a very smart girl.. I can’t get her do what I want her to do just like that, she will come out with herContinue Reading “Time To Be On Her Own”

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Time For Redecoration

As I was sitting in my living room, looking at my ordinary tv and the tv cabinet that are full of so many decorations plus other unwanted things that making it all jumble up. So I decided not only I want to change my tv, I also need to redecorated the whole house… starting withContinue Reading “Time For Redecoration”

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The Place We Love.. Kitchen

I wasn’t a great cook.. but not a bad one either.. .. I love cooking when when i have more time and when i have everything ready as in my recipe.  But if i have my mum around.. i can’t cook.. because i can resist to have her cook.. i love her cooking! Probably iContinue Reading “The Place We Love.. Kitchen”