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Best Price Best Quality?

Last weekend i bought a bed and foam mattress that was on sale.  I love buying things that is cheap because i can afford it and there were items that is expensive but that not a good quality.  I learn from experience it is good to buy items that is expensive but with good quality.Continue Reading “Best Price Best Quality?”

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Now its ‘Life is Beautiful!’

I always passionate about writing, not only it gives me pleasures, it reduces my stress too.  This blog that you looking at right now, yes the one you are reading now have been helping me a lot.  I have created this blog since 2007, if you noticed the earlier tag was : Beautiza – ExpressingContinue Reading “Now its ‘Life is Beautiful!’”

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Allergies and Indoor Air

  Here is an interesting article from which have been published on StarFit4Life, sunday 3rd February 2013.  For our information, this makes me want to take part time cleaner to do house cleaning every week. Even for those of us without allergies, poor indoor air quality is an often overlooked health issue.  Recent researchContinue Reading “Allergies and Indoor Air”