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    The Best Florist in Malaysia Just a Click Away

    Women feel special and appreciated whenever we receive flowers, especially from the someone special.  Flowers are a symbol of love and expressions of feelings.  Giving flowers has no rules, you don’t have to wait for birthday, anniversary or what so ever.  You can give it anytime.  I love flowers and there are so many florist who not only giving lots of creative design and package but also delivery.

    So are you on the hunt for the best florist in Malaysia? You’re in luck, because whether you want to find the best KL flower delivery, a florist in Ipoh, a florist in Penang or a flower delivery to JB, A Better Florist is the one florist you’re going to love. You’ll actually adore them, because everything they do shows that their flower business is customer-centric. One of the best things about this florist team is that they consistently offer fresh flowers, with no exceptions. The standards are high, the flowers are stunning and the prices are affordable.

    If you love shopping online, this is the best flower delivery to do so, because you can access it through your smartphone and order while you’re on the go, or through your computer. They enable you to have access to the most luxurious flowers at all times, no matter how busy the day gets. That way you don’t miss out on showing your love to someone, getting grand opening flowers for a business opening, or getting appropriate funeral flowers to express your sympathy.

    In addition to gorgeous flowers, and a pretty satisfying range of all kinds of flowers, they have a fruit basket selection, as well as a hamper selection. The fruit basket can come with flowers, or without flowers, and hampers can be themed in just about any way possible. If you’re looking for a baby hamper, they have those already made so you can just grab them and go. This goes for all the other hampers, like the get well soon hamper and everything else.

    Another thing you’ll love is their fast and reliable same day flower delivery. Whether it’s their flower delivery Malaysia offers, the best Singapore flower delivery, a UAE flower delivery or a Hong Kong flower delivery, they offer a free same day delivery. Another great perk, if you don’t have time to deliver the gifts and flowers on your own. Plus, they have an express flower delivery, that doesn’t cost a lot, and it can get to you within just 90 minutes. This is all possible because they have a flower shop all around the city,

    A Better Florist has reaped all the praise as the best florist in Hong Kong and Malaysia, but not just as the best hk florist, but you can see online that they are talked about as the best florist in Abu Dhabi, and the best flower delivery in UAE. And as many say that this is the best florist KL has had so far, it’s always best to believe the word of mouth, because when customers are happy, it speaks volume about the business itself.

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    3 Creative Lesson Plans to Engage Homeschoolers

    Whether you have reluctant learners, kids who get bored easily, or kids who lose focus when they don’t understand the value of your lessons, you may recognize the need for creative, innovative lessons that will engage your homeschoolers. Thinking outside the box may be easier said than done when you concentrate on concepts and learning styles and covering content with students. The good news is, once you start to get creative with your lessons, you will inspire yourself to explore new possibilities and you will be energized by your kids’ enthusiasm for learning.

    Real Estate Project

    One of the best ways for kids to gain a deep understanding of the concepts they learn throughout the course of a school year is to connect all of their learning in one project. It’s even better when the project has real-world applications to the kids can see the value of their learning and the ways in which it applies to real life. For example, a real estate project incorporates math, science, English, social studies, and home economics and is something homeschoolers can work on all year long as they learn various concepts and acquire new skills. It’s also a project that easily lends itself to multiple grade levels, so it’s perfect for a homeschool environment.


    For example, you could begin by telling students that there is a town that is interested in drawing young families to move in and live there beyond retirement age. Your students could put their math and geometry skills to the test by designing homes, playgrounds, and other areas that would be appealing to your target audience.  You would then incorporate science by guiding students through researching the weather, geography, and other characteristics of the area and explaining what would make them appealing to new home buyers. The English component would come into play when students create commercials, webcasts, and other promotions that would persuade people to move to the area.


    Next, students would incorporate their social studies lessons of culture and history to discuss the zoning laws, government structures, and demographics of the area. Finally, students could plan a social function to advertise their town and invite prospective business owners and home buyers to the area. This may involve designing and executing a menu, organizing a venue and entertainment, etc. You can get as creative with this year-long real estate project as you wish, and you could build upon students’ interests as the year progresses.

    Design and Grow a Garden

    Kids in any grade should understand the value of planting and caring for a garden. By designing and planting their own garden, younger students will understand that farmers work hard to grow and harvest all of the food they eat, and older students will learn about government-regulated pricing and its effects on agriculture.


    Of course, students will learn the science behind gardening, and they can experiment with various amounts of light, fertilizer, and growing conditions. You can extend this lesson to composting so that students can use their own compost to provide nutrients for their plants and vegetables; you can also connect the gardening lesson to literature for younger students to help them gain a better understanding of gardens as habitats. Older students can measure rainfall and record its effects on the garden, too.

    Build Your Own Study Space

    Students will take more responsibility for their studying and learning when they have some control over their space. If they are empowered to design and build their own study space, students will be active participants in their education and think about how they learn and study best. Some may want to design and build a desk that contains several compartments for materials because they want to be organized, and some may want a colorful study space because they are visual learners who need visual stimulation while thinking and reading. Still others may want to include a space for headphones or a speaker because they study and learn best when there is music playing.


    For a truly outside-the-box lesson, take the kids’ plans off graph paper and make them a reality by purchasing the wood, corkboard, jars, and other materials they need to design a unique study space that fits their learning styles.

    Homeschool provides students with more opportunities to be creative, work with their hands, and connect concepts across subjects. If you get outside the box with your lessons, your children will be more engaged and gain a deeper understanding by applying their learning to real-life situations.


    -end –


    Written by Guess Author, Ms. Erica Francis.  

    Members of ReadyJob.org, a website that introduce curriculum and activities designed for educators to help teens prepare for their first job.


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    Five Summer Jobs For Teachers That Still Offer Freedom

    Teachers are some of the hardest-working — and often, least-appreciated — people in the world, and when summertime rolls around, most kids are given several weeks off to take a vacation and sleep in every day… but what do their teachers get? Unless you have been in education for several years and have a nice cushion to fall back on during breaks, it can be difficult to make it through the summer without picking up at least a part-time job.

    einstein teacher

    Unfortunately, that’s not much of a break, and planning a vacation can be nearly impossible, especially if you’re just starting out as an educator. However, there are several jobs out there that are great for teachers and still offer some freedom, so that summer months don’t feel quite so restrictive. Here are five of the best.


    Protect your community members as a lifeguard

    If you live near a pool — or if you’re lucky enough to reside close to the beach — there may be lifeguard jobs available throughout the summer. You can look online for local classes offering lifesaving certification, then invest in some sunblock and enjoy the fresh air. While being responsible for several swimmers isn’t exactly stress-free, it is a great way to earn money while maintaining a flexible schedule (and getting in a swim now and then).

    Become a dog-walker via Rover.com

    Becoming a caregiver of an animal — either as a pet sitter or dog walker — can be highly rewarding as well as flexible, and sites like Rover.com offer a place to connect with pet owners, arrange face-to-face meet-ups, and work out payment details.


    There could be dozens of people in your area who need a responsible person to come to their home while they’re at work and let out their dog, or simply give the pet some affection during the long afternoon hours.


    Provide needed help as a tutor/instructor

    teacher n student


    With your experience in teaching, landing a tutoring gig over the summer should be easy and can be done on your schedule. You might even be able to do it from the comfort of your own home, or at a nearby library. You can also check with children’s museums and local pottery, painting, or art classes to see if they’re hiring instructors or artists.


    Use your writing skills



    Writing can be a very fulfilling way to earn extra cash during school breaks, especially if you can find an outlet that will allow you to write about what you know. Having knowledge about education and children can give you a leg up on the competition, and many blogs, online magazines, and publications such as Chicken Soup For The Soul are always on the lookout for well-written essays and articles. Freelancing offers the ability to work from home, and you can almost always set your own schedule to a certain degree.

    Look for childcare opportunities

    reading for kids

    Having experience with children can lead to well-paying summer jobs, whether you want to work part-time at a daycare center or full-time for a parent who needs a caregiver for their child while they go to work. The latter will almost always offer more freedom, especially if you can babysit an older child who doesn’t need constant supervision. Many moms and dads will pay well to keep from having to take their child to an expensive summer camp or daycare during school breaks, and some may give you permission to take the child to the pool or other fun places during the day.


    Finding summer work may seem like a not-so-fun task at first, but if you’re able to find something that gives you flexibility so that you can enjoy your time off, it can be a fun experience. Check local want-ads for childcare needs or, if you have a good relationship with a couple of the parents in your classroom, let them know that you’re available.


    About the writer

    Joyce Wilson loved being a teacher, and though she has recently retired, she hasn’t lost that passion. She continues to educate (and help educators) by mentoring teachers in her area. She is also the co-creator of TeacherSpark.org, a resource for teachers to gather fun, engaging lesson ideas and activities.