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Your Master Degree or Master your Life

Looking around me.. i saw people going in and out the office…  sending letters, attending meetings, sending foods.. yup there are people with differences, some are called Messengers, Officers, Caterers, Managers, Secretaries or even Drivers..  but i don’t see the differences because these people are equally HUMAN.. not more not less.  To me, everybody deservesContinue Reading “Your Master Degree or Master your Life”

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Shopping Spree

We will be going back to KL for school holiday, everybody is excited.. meeting the other side of the family.  I will find time to go shopping with my best friend.. just the two of us.  My favorite shopping spot is in Jaya Jusco… just 10 minute away from our house… i just love theContinue Reading “Shopping Spree”

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Ouch That Stretch Marks..

Me and few crazy friends of mine were sharing our experiences about the pain of labor.. everybody have different experiences for child they gave birth. It was interesting to share but for our single lady friend.. she was excited and scared at the same time listening to our story. After we shared our experiences, everybodyContinue Reading “Ouch That Stretch Marks..”