Life is a beautiful journey!

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The Short Reunion

After so long me and my buddies never meet up together, especially kolet. Since Kay was here for her holiday, we agreed to meet at City Mall. As usual lah.. I have to fetch my dear friend Kay from her house in Kobusak. The Reunion was only for Mummies only.. Husbands and Children were NOT …

Family Friend Personal

Good Bye 2007!

After so long holiday and no access to internet, i kept so many things in my head. So many story i wanted to share. For me 2007, was a year of great challenge but i learned that however difficult the situation is, God is there. God has saves me in many ways. In June last …


The Best Friends

Sometimes i wonder, how long could a friendship last. Could it last only for 1 year, 2 years or for a life time. It is interesting to know that there are people who know you, sometimes more than you ever know yourself. I met Kay, Fele, Collette and Flo in a college in 1993, taking …