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    The Short Reunion

    After so long me and my buddies never meet up together, especially kolet. Since Kay was here for her holiday, we agreed to meet at City Mall. As usual lah.. I have to fetch my dear friend Kay from her house in Kobusak. The Reunion was only for Mummies only.. Husbands and Children were NOT ALLOWED!

    We reached City Mall at 6.30pm. Our two buddies, Fele and Kolet were waiting for us already. So it was like a Reunion for the four of us except for Flo, not sure where she is now but I’m sure she is busy with her life and career. Anyway we straight went to the Old Station Kopitiam… haiyaa (sight) take order also took us so long to decide especially our che’che’.

    Trying to catch up with stories… I think we talked too loud, too fasted and too many stories at one time. But the only thing kay can say was ‘wah you all so kurus oh’. The most stories is about our children. It is so interesting because I remember the first time we all met up after graduated from college we were busy talking about how we like this guy, who we admires, how sucks the job is (we still do sometimes..hehehe). Papajoneh came early from his office and took fele away from us..

    While fele and papajoneh taking their dinner together, we went to POPULAR Book Store to buy gifts for each other children. We met our college friend with her family.. to her surprise when she saw us.. ‘ wah I feel like in ITM oh meeting the three of you.. ‘. When I showed kolet what I bought for her daughters, you know what she said … ‘alamak.. i already bought those… can you buy other things…’ ok lah.. I end up buying stickers and colouring book as requested by the mother.. next time I wont tell her what I am buying.. hehehe.. Anyway we were those few people queuing up to pay at the counter say 15 minutes before they closed. Once we were out of the Book Store.. its exchange time.. we have 3 plastic bags only.. so Kay have to keep her daughters presents in her bag.. ok problem solved.

    Time to go home.. time check.. 9.40pm… Bye Kay.. See you when I go to KL or when you come down to KK… See Ya .. Kolet.. since you are now working in KK.. we can make an appointment with Fele.. for mummies day out.. ok.. safe journey to Tuaran.. it’s a long road. I reached home at 10.00pm… husband and children still awake watching TV.

    The REUNION was short, fun and interesting… I hope we can meet up again.. the five of us.. good friends…

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    Good Bye 2007!

    After so long holiday and no access to internet, i kept so many things in my head. So many story i wanted to share.

    For me 2007, was a year of great challenge but i learned that however difficult the situation is, God is there. God has saves me in many ways.

    In June last year, my husband took a job offer in KL because of the good pay but it just took him few days to change his mind and came back to Sabah. Let just say, last year was not really a good year for him.

    As for me, i managed to grab a business deal which lead me to a new opportunity and meet new friends.

    I also passed my exam.. hopefully give me a good chance of promotion but for me, i rather get a salary hike than promotion… whatever lah.

    My family and friends have been a great help. Thank you for being a listener, a motivator and a lending hand. I appreciate your help in anyways.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thanks… my parents for being there whenever we’re in needs of help. Bona, Doreen, Shella and Sharon for being a great siblings, ones ever had. Mummy BB and Mamata… thank you for helping me taking care of Sean and Chrissa whenever i asked you to help.

    My Bestfriends Mamacay, Ina fele and carol for being a good listener. Helen n JJ also for being my reference on how to handle kids.

    My dear cousin in KL, Lilian and my sis. in-law, Annabelle… for your courage.

    I love you all! God Bless you! mmmmuaaaa.. wah like receiving award pulak.. hehehe..

    Good Bye 2007! Thank you God for helping me to go though the years adding the experience that i have learned and new friends that i have met.

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    The Best Friends

    Sometimes i wonder, how long could a friendship last. Could it last only for 1 year, 2 years or for a life time. It is interesting to know that there are people who know you, sometimes more than you ever know yourself.

    I met Kay, Fele, Collette and Flo in a college in 1993, taking the same course. Staying next door to each other, made us like a team. We do most of the thing together, go to class, cafeteria, library, what else..go to church..etc. Other friends will say we were just like ‘belangkas’ , they even notice when one of us in the team.

    This is what i thought of them… i hope they wont marah me lah.. this is my own opinion..

    Flo : The leader.. she just like to instruct us..

    Cay : The big sister, our reference

    Colette : Full of sense of humour

    Fele : Soft spoken but you will hear her voice when she angry

    Me : Dont know lah.. mybe the fighter..

    We are still the best of friends .. all of us are married, with children .. except for flo..no news yet from her.

    Until now, we still rely on each other’s opinions.. we still fight as usual when comes to disagreement. I pray that our friendship will last forever! Amen

    From left : mummy ley, ina fele, aunty flo, mummy lett and mama cay..