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Appreciate Your Teachers

Glad there are everybody wants to reconnect with their old friends, colleagues and next.. reunion.  Curious how they look like after 10 or 20 years.. where they are now, their families.. its interesting to find out how they choose their path, how those with academic just stay comfortable and those average grades are moreContinue Reading “Appreciate Your Teachers”

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Love Yourself

There is one person you should love more than you ever know.. “Who? you may asked.. well look at the mirror right now..and you will see the person in the reflection. The person is other than You..yourself.  There were times when we loves somebody so much and when the person breaks our hearts.. weContinue Reading “Love Yourself”

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Do I Have To Change?

Is it necessary to change? Why do we need changes?… to impress others, to please others or you feel it is the right time to change .. for your own good. Imagine 6 out of 10 from your close friends told you that you are ‘out of style’ or you need to ‘upgrade’ yourself… WhatContinue Reading “Do I Have To Change?”