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A Chat With A Friend

I met a friend whom i haven’t seen for such long time, we had a chat.. a long time chat.. even longer if i had more time.  As usual the story of those days came to life.  Seriously we both sharing how meaningful life is when you have gone through series of emptiness, pain andContinue Reading “A Chat With A Friend”

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Forgiveness and Love is the Best Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner.. its time to celebrate and to remember the birth of our Savior.   How would you celebrate your Christmas, how would you accept Jesus in your life?  So many questions and so many things to do for Christmas .. as for children.. what they love about the celebration is..its aContinue Reading “Forgiveness and Love is the Best Gifts For Christmas”

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Appreciate Your Teachers

Glad there are everybody wants to reconnect with their old friends, colleagues and next.. reunion.  Curious how they look like after 10 or 20 years.. where they are now, their families.. its interesting to find out how they choose their path, how those with academic just stay comfortable and those average grades are moreContinue Reading “Appreciate Your Teachers”