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Empowering Women through Entrepeunership with Whitney Keyes

Having the opportunity to be part of the participants to a talk  Prof. Whitney Keyes on Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship  organized by SWEPA and The US Government.  Even though it was a last minute decision for me to come but it’s worth my day off. The room was full with wonderful participants mostly entrepreneurs fromContinue Reading “Empowering Women through Entrepeunership with Whitney Keyes”

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Now its ‘Life is Beautiful!’

I always passionate about writing, not only it gives me pleasures, it reduces my stress too.  This blog that you looking at right now, yes the one you are reading now have been helping me a lot.  I have created this blog since 2007, if you noticed the earlier tag was : Beautiza – ExpressingContinue Reading “Now its ‘Life is Beautiful!’”