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    Happy Siblings

    Sometimes i feel i can go crazy with my kids.  There were times i feel they are too noisy especially when they play and worse when they fight with each other.  Yes, i lose control sometimes, when it happened in the wrong place, time and my bad mood.  When they having fun, they giggle and laugh so loud.  Looking at them, i feel that i am looking at myself when i was a little girl.


    My siblings and i will have that moment of loves and hates, we fight but we had fun.   Once we are all grown up, we continue to have the loves and hates issues.  We talk about everything and share secret.   Sometimes we disagree about something we don’t talk to each other but we always get back together again.

    My family love to sing, we have our own guitarand most my family member can play guitar except me.  We enjoy each other companion, in bad and happy moments we stick to each other.

    Children are children, they said funny things, think weird ways and ask lots of questions but that’s how they should be.  It is pretty normal for siblings to fight yet they protect and love each other.  Let them enjoy themselves now, because the time they have are shorts, in no time they will go on their own way.

    Create wonderful memories together, something they will remember and cherish forever.  I always fond of my childhood memories and my love for my siblings.  Until now, we still get together, call each other and even ask favor.  So if your children makes you crazy.. let them be, when they go on their own way, you probably get crazy.


    Call your siblings today and arrange for family trip together, it would be fun.

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    My Dream Tree House

    One day, I would love to have my own library at home.  This library will be different because anyone especially those who are interested to learn are welcome.  Not only will this library promote reading but to start creativity.  There will be program such as story telling, drama, art & crafts and other personal development program. 

    tree-house--large-msg-13004776739I saw this pic on the net.. awesome 🙂

    The books can be borrowed and textbook rental are available.  The design will be unique as I would have it as a tree house.  I want everybody to experience magic.  Books in a tree house will make adults get in touch with their childhood again while for children this will be an exiting experience.

    Imagine a place where parents and their children learn and play together.  We will plant grass and some area will be covered with sand.  Kids can just walk barefoot.  My visual are clear and I hope I will be able to make this dream as a reality.


    It all started with a dream, so one day when this came true I will write it on a post title ‘Dream Came True’.  I know what I have to do now is to get the books collections ready, get more ideas on the architect and interior design.


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    Getting into Yoga

    Last month I had the opportunity to learn yoga.  In my heart, okay they will teach us how to teach yoga for kids, this will be easy.  So I come there with confident, this I say will be an experience of a lifetime.  Never in my life have ever done yoga, yes I heard about yoga a lot and watch it on youtube.


    So that day was my first ever experience doing yoga. With this petite small body, I thought I can do it, yes I can but the truth is just painful, painful to know that I cannot stretch my body.  There were certain pose that I almost injured myself, during that exercise I felt my tight cramp but I was just embarrass to let it show and with the pain I struggle, so lucky I manage to get it under control.  That was a painful and embarrassing experience.

    Now I have been doing yoga at least 30 minutes a day, starting with simple pose.  I am improving a lot and becoming more aware of my body. I can stretch more.  Oh yes! I am feeling happier and healthier.


    If my cash advance loans approved I will invest for the Teacher Yoga Training in September.  Learning yoga is an experience for a healthy living style.