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    Good Mummy, Bad Mummy

    Before i got married, i always judge the way my sister and other mother i know, treat their children. I always thought they are not doing the right thing, especially when they shout at their children. ‘What a Bad Mummy’.. i told to myself.. i am not going to treat my child like that.. i am going to be the ‘Good Mummy’

    Well that was then.. .. Now when i have my own children.. my perception about ‘Good Mummy, Bad Mummy’ got mixed up.

    I am not sure anymore whether i am being a ‘good mummy or bad mummy’. When my 5 years old son start his tantrum, i try to be a ‘good mummy’ which i thought so at that time. I try to talk to him nicely, hug him.. i try everything to make sure he stop… BUT.. when he continues.. and the tantrum got worsen.. ‘GOOD MUMMY.. beginning to change the colour.. .. . becoming the great Monster. To stop his tantrum.. i did pinch, shout.. oh my god.. i even spank him.

    Is it bad to spank my son to make him stop his tantrum? Am i a Bad Mummy when shout at him? Do you have the same experience? Please share you knowledge on how to be a Good Mummy and not becoming the Bad Mummy.

    I would love to always be the Good Mummy.. i love my son.. he is so adorable but you know .. kids will always be kids..