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Learning Phonics

Kindergartens are busy preparing their students to learn how to spell and write.. learning phonics to be exact. Sean is busy learning phonics, his new school will give new story books for every semester so they have to make sure the pupils can read the books before the next semester and so on.  They haveContinue Reading “Learning Phonics”

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Having Fun Being A Mother

Again.. i dont know what is happening.. i have been saving this post in my draft but all in a sudden when i open it today.. no content at all.. gone!  So i have to rethink and retype the whole story.. damm again.  But i decided not to rewrite the story i have been keepingContinue Reading “Having Fun Being A Mother”

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How To Get More Money?

Okay i have not just make you confused with this post.. but also feel like knocking my head on the wall.. why? because i have posted this earlier so when i go back to the list i thought i was in my draft list.. i accidentally deleted the post.. after i deleted.. i realized itsContinue Reading “How To Get More Money?”