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    Make Values an Early Part of Your child’s Learning

    More than ever, families are looking for ways to build their children’s sense of values and beliefs.  In light of the attacks on America and other events in the world, we all want to know what we can do to become better people.

    These suggestions can help you nurture a sense of caring in your child’s everyday life :

    Monkey see – Monkey do!

    When it comes do establishing values, beliefs and morals in your children, the most powerful tool you have is yourself.  Your involvement in community activities will sepak volumes to your child and help determine his or her willingness to make a positive diference in the world.  Include your children in your volunteer activities and show them the benefits of giving to others.

    Charity starts at home

    When your chidlren learn to be charitable at home, it is more likely they will be charitable in other places.  However, for some parents, it’s just the opposite.  Their children are helpers to everyone but their own parents.  If you notice this in your children, try to encourage acts of charity in your home with a pass-it-on box.  The pass-it-on box creats a place for your family members to ask for help from others.  During or after dinner, pass the box around the table and have your children share their needs or describe someone’s act of kindness (Mom teaching the ABC’s or Maria helping Dad pull weeds).

    Animals can teach us a lot when it comes to giving back.

    Some children learn to show a greatdeal of compassion, caring and patience by intereacting with animals.  If your family has a pet, let your child take part in some way – great or small depending on age- in caring for the pet’s daily needs Zoos also have great programs for children to gain hands-on experience caring fro animals.

    Start a neighborhood well-wisher’s club!

    Get the entire family involved in establishing a well-wisher’s club that’s more than a neighbourhood watch.  The well-wisher’s club offers help to neighbours when the need airses.  This can include volunteering to rake leaves and do yard work for an elderly homeowner.  with your kids, welcome new neighbours and treat shud-ins to a friendly visit and a cookie to brighten their day.  You can leave a Yes/No poscard on a neighbor’s door asking if he or she would like help.  This allows you to collect the information you need without disturbing your neighbor.  Be sure to include a list of things you are willing to do.

    Teach your children social skills.

    You can foster positive values in your preschooler by teaching him or her social skills such as following instructions, being kind to others making friends, making good choices, and asking for help.  Great advice on how to develop healthy values in your family and yourng children can be found in the book.

    Interesting article that i love to share with you parents.. . by helping others doing chores.. forget about the treadmills to do workout.. doing charity and exercise at the same time..wouldn’t it be fun!

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    Online with Gonzaga University

    Having made our own choice few years back.. we landed to the job we are paid to do now… whether you like it or not.    Sometimes we have the thought of changing our career.. or want to upgrade ourselves with education, enrich our knowledge.. we don’t have to stop here.. we can continue learning… good news is we don’t have to go anywhere nowadays.. we can study online.

    I was surfing in the internet and found out about Gonzaga University,  it is a world class university, it is ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report, also ranked one of the nations best universities by The Princeton Review and Forbes Magazine.  Kiplingers Personal Finance ranks Gonzaga a best value among private universities.


    Gonzaga offers several of its Masters degrees online, there are Master’s in Organizational Leadership, Master’s in Communication & Leadership, Master of Science of Nursing, RN to MSN and Servant Leadership Certificate.

    Not many top ranked schools are offering online programs and many of the top ranked programs are reluctant to go online because they feel that this diminishes the quality of the education but Gonzaga finds the exact opposite, because it allows experienced professionals the opportunity for an advanced educations, who may otherwise not be able to because of professional or personal commitments.

    Gonzaga differs from other online because they offers :-

    Regionally Accredited: One of the highest levels of accreditation a college or university can obtain

    Affordable: We offer competitive tuition and generous financial aid programs

    Expert Instruction: Every online master’s is developed in partnership with industry experts and professional instructional designers

    Flexible Scheduling: Individualized master’s degree plans and course patterns

    Tailored Learning: Research projects are customized to your specific organizational problems

    Interactive: Interact fully with your Professors and other students in unique virtual classroom settings

    So guys ….what are you waiting for.. Master’s in Communication and Leadership is my choice.. i will update once i signed up… see you online.

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    Maid or Nursery?

    I read in the newspaper recently about maid.. where our neighboring country proposed their people who work as maid to be paid RM600 in Sabah.. If you think about it.. if you have more than two children, i guess its worth it..but if you have two children.. i guess i choose nursery.  Having experience both having maid and sending my kids to nursery i come to conclusion of these pros and cons :

    Pros of having Maid

    I have quality time with my family, time with my husband and most of all time for myself.

    I don’t have to rush home, no worries for late charge from nursery especially if i stuck in a jamm.

    I don’t need to do the laundry, dishes..and most of the cleaning.. i just supervise.

    I have time to cook without interruption… sometimes if i have something on.. i let her cook.

    Children can have proper rest at home.

    Cons of having Maid

    My maid like to arrange things on her own way.. sometimes she misplace things.. and i hate searching for things.. and she don’t know what i was looking for and worse she don’t know where she kept it… i remember the time i was searching for my anti wrinkle cream .. lucky i found it.

    She loves to do cleaning, ironing,..but so rough and clumpsy.. imagine now i have to get a new washing machine, iron, standing fan… i don’t know what else.. because i just found out few things broke…grrr..haiya.

    I am trying to save cost.. she waste! waste! waste!… almost everything.. from detergent, liquid dishes.. haiya no need to complain lagi lah.

    oh ya.. my girl..sometimes speak like her.. grrrr….but funny.

    Pros of Sending kids to Nursery/Daycare

    I have been sending my children to nursery/daycare, they are more independent and discipline.

    have lots of friends…they have somebody to communicate with.

    They learn new things, early education… music etc.

    Cons of Sending kids to Nursery/Daycare

    Tired! tired! tired!… every night prepare my kids things for the next day… and coming back..need to wash all the dirty clothes..hehe… rushing back from work..need to cook, bath them.. so many 2 in 1, 3 in 1 thingy…hahaha..

    Not only mummy and daddy tired… kesian also to see my children..wake up in the morning.. and come back do their home work..limited time to play… only weekend lah.

    That is my personal opinion.. my maid just left.. she wanted to cancel her visa from her former boss but her former boss want her to work back with her or else her husband, whom are working with the same family will lose his job.   When they searching for job..they want us to get them from where they stay..now it easy for them to find a reason to leave… her cousin called me..wanted to work..mmm..  i don’t think so lah for now..

    So now.. i am back to square one..but i guess nothing different..only extra work, extra effort, extra patience, time management, cooperation between me and husband.. we even let our kids get to do other chores…so far they doing great.  I think we are comfortable now.. i don’t think i need a maid for now.  I manage..we manage.. and we survive without them.