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    The Big Mouth Munchy

    What happened if you cant stop talking .. and you go on and on…even when you were sleepy ? It can be weird and scary at the same time.

    I have posted part 1 and part two of the story sketch by my daughter, Chrissa in twitter and in fb page.  Adapted from the cartoon Oggy and the Cockroaches.

    This is how to story goes…

    2016-04-21 11.23.19

    2016-04-21 11.22.27

    2016-04-21 11.24.32

    -The End –

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    As parents, yes i do use lots of the words.. ‘listen’!. “Listen to me girl… ” “now you better stop and listen,,”! Sometimes i don’t give her choice.  she just need to stop and listen.  Many times her attempts on talking back but yes..i refuse to listen.  Once i see her settle, most of the time with tears, then i talk to her but she just listen.  I win most of the time but i know its wrong but i want to win.

    Last night we were watching a sitcom, a young boy who said his mother never listened and my daughter look at me and said “sounds like you”.


    This morning, i saw her put her soft toy in her school bag.  “Are you sure, you bring that to school?”.  “What?, there is nothing”, she replied.  “That olaf was given to you by your uncle, don’t come and tell me if your teacher or friends take it from you because that will be your fault” trying my best to tell her not to bring toy to school.  “But.. muuum!, this is for after school, we already asked teacher if its ok” she insist.

    I keep on telling her that it is not okay then she says “muumy! listen to me!…  I will say this again.. we already asked teacher and teacher informed that its ok to bring soft toy or small toys to your day care but keep it in the bag and don’t show or play during school time“.  When she said ‘listen’.. i was actually listening to her every sentence and with her calm but loud voice, it shows that she meant what she said.  “Well, as you said so but just be careful ok” i replied as calm as i could.  “Oh thank you mum, i love you.. bye” she said before going down from the car with her brother.


    Today i learn that i also need to listen.  I am not sure if Olaf will be coming home with her safe and sound but i did listen.

    images1I will learn to use 6L to enjoy to be with my young adults at home.  To have a wonderful live, to laugh with them.  Leap with joy, love unconditionally.  Learn to understand as to be understood.  Last but not least, learn to always listen.


    But yes i couldn’t wait to see Olaf!

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    Let It Go…..Let It Go…

    Let it go! let it go!.. i have been listening to this song over and over again. My daughter have been singing along with the music after she watched ‘The Frozen’ another wonderful movie by Disney. Once again, Disney created a beautiful movie and this time more on a relationship between sisters. It is easier to teach kids about siblings, that’s why siblings doesn’t get along but they will always love each other. To me, movie like this can gives a child a sense of respect, love and care towards their siblings and other family members.


    This is a beautiful song, great movie and new princesses to Disney’s Princesses. I found foam sheets and now i am thinking to get bedsheets with Elsa and Anna printed on it for my daughter.

    Here is the song… ‘let it go’ lyrics and i you haven’t watched this movie, just spend your time to watch it with your kids. Enjoy!