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The Big Mouth Munchy

What happened if you cant stop talking .. and you go on and on…even when you were sleepy ? It can be weird and scary at the same time. I have posted part 1 and part two of the story sketch by my daughter, Chrissa in twitter and in fb page.  Adapted from the cartoonContinue Reading “The Big Mouth Munchy”

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As parents, yes i do use lots of the words.. ‘listen’!. “Listen to me girl… ” “now you better stop and listen,,”! Sometimes i don’t give her choice.  she just need to stop and listen.  Many times her attempts on talking back but yes..i refuse to listen.  Once i see her settle, most of theContinue Reading “Listen!”

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Let It Go…..Let It Go…

Let it go! let it go!.. i have been listening to this song over and over again. My daughter have been singing along with the music after she watched ‘The Frozen’ another wonderful movie by Disney. Once again, Disney created a beautiful movie and this time more on a relationship between sisters. It is easierContinue Reading “Let It Go…..Let It Go…”