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    How to Make a Spending Plan

    Making a spending plan is not fun for most people, but it may be beneficial to get your financs back intor healthy shape.  a spending plan deals with handling certain expenses with structure and a finite amount of money.  By having a spending plan, you will protect yourself from spending too much or getting tempted to buy things you can’t afford with a credit card.

    1. First make a list of your general monthly expenses.  Do not include utilities or residential payments which can be imporved with good habits.  What you should list are items or products you pay for on a regular basis and entertainment expenses, which you can directly change.
    2. After you have listed your expenses for entertainment, food and other misc items, it is time for you to take out the receipts.  You should always keep receipts for at least a month.  Write down how much you spend on average in the past month on everything on the list.
    3. Figure out where you may be able to cut down on your spending.  The whole point of a spending plan is to prevent you from over spending, but it also helps you save money in general.
    4. Regardless if you found something to  cut down on or not put a budget on each of the expenses on your spending plan.  Make sure you are comfortable with the budget on each item, as that total will be non-negotiable!
    5. Finally, set aside the amount as the budget for each expense in separate envelopes.  This money will be used to pay for things in your spending plan.  You will not be adding more money to any envelope until the end of the following month.  This will help you practice discipline and good habits in spending money!

    Article from NST dated 14 Oct 2009

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    Online with Gonzaga University

    Having made our own choice few years back.. we landed to the job we are paid to do now… whether you like it or not.    Sometimes we have the thought of changing our career.. or want to upgrade ourselves with education, enrich our knowledge.. we don’t have to stop here.. we can continue learning… good news is we don’t have to go anywhere nowadays.. we can study online.

    I was surfing in the internet and found out about Gonzaga University,  it is a world class university, it is ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report, also ranked one of the nations best universities by The Princeton Review and Forbes Magazine.  Kiplingers Personal Finance ranks Gonzaga a best value among private universities.


    Gonzaga offers several of its Masters degrees online, there are Master’s in Organizational Leadership, Master’s in Communication & Leadership, Master of Science of Nursing, RN to MSN and Servant Leadership Certificate.

    Not many top ranked schools are offering online programs and many of the top ranked programs are reluctant to go online because they feel that this diminishes the quality of the education but Gonzaga finds the exact opposite, because it allows experienced professionals the opportunity for an advanced educations, who may otherwise not be able to because of professional or personal commitments.

    Gonzaga differs from other online because they offers :-

    Regionally Accredited: One of the highest levels of accreditation a college or university can obtain

    Affordable: We offer competitive tuition and generous financial aid programs

    Expert Instruction: Every online master’s is developed in partnership with industry experts and professional instructional designers

    Flexible Scheduling: Individualized master’s degree plans and course patterns

    Tailored Learning: Research projects are customized to your specific organizational problems

    Interactive: Interact fully with your Professors and other students in unique virtual classroom settings

    So guys ….what are you waiting for.. Master’s in Communication and Leadership is my choice.. i will update once i signed up… see you online.

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    My Only Hari Raya Visit

    What a Hari Raya this year.. hubby got to work.. i am all alone with kids..its being 4 days being fully housewife.. haha.. tired, fun, interesting at the same time.. try to do practical on  my theory on how to handle kids…. few tips succeed but need to try again..again..and again… but need to change the tactic or else they will know its just a trick.. phew.. anyway… what else a mother could asked for now… is rest!

    The only house i managed to visit this year is at Anies… another blogger who became my friend.. ..my children were excited.. going for Hari Raya.. Chrissa wanted to wear her punjab suit.. sempat ambil gambar before going..hehe.

    IMG_1510 IMG_1514

    Its easy to find her house.. after going up and down the hill.. ..situated at a peaceful place…. can still feel the kampung.. nice.. if i have a las vegas deals for sure i build my house as soon as possible.. haha there i go with my daydreaming again.   That what i called a home sweet home..i personally like the house design.. simple, cosy..  have the warm welcome.. not only the house but the garden.. it is so inviting..great job Anies and hubby!

    We had great time visiting Anies and family… thanks guys… well my kids were enjoying themselves…. after spending hour there..we visited CTMall.. as usual Sean and Chrissa wants to buy books in Popular.


    Anies and Shirley in action…hehe.

    IMG_1518 The girls.. another girl not in the pic.. and sean..busy playing…