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How to Make a Spending Plan

Making a spending plan is not fun for most people, but it may be beneficial to get your financs back intor healthy shape.  a spending plan deals with handling certain expenses with structure and a finite amount of money.  By having a spending plan, you will protect yourself from spending too much or getting temptedContinue Reading “How to Make a Spending Plan”

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Online with Gonzaga University

Having made our own choice few years back.. we landed to the job we are paid to do now… whether you like it or not.    Sometimes we have the thought of changing our career.. or want to upgrade ourselves with education, enrich our knowledge.. we don’t have to stop here.. we can continue learning… goodContinue Reading “Online with Gonzaga University”

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My Only Hari Raya Visit

What a Hari Raya this year.. hubby got to work.. i am all alone with kids..its being 4 days being fully housewife.. haha.. tired, fun, interesting at the same time.. try to do practical on  my theory on how to handle kids…. few tips succeed but need to try again..again..and again… but need to changeContinue Reading “My Only Hari Raya Visit”