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    The Hair Extensions


    Whenever i have long hair, the only time i love it most is when i want to go to any occasions or dinner i can make choices on what to do with my hair.  I can curl it or make any style hairdo but when i go work i just tie it and worse when its hot, my hair become troublesome.

    When the weather is hot hot hot and looking at ladies with short hair look sexy then i decided to cut my hair short.  But when my hair i short, i envy looking at others with long beautiful hair.

    Have you ever wanted to have your hair long but you can’t wait for it to grow? aha! why don’t you try to do hair extensions.  I never tried this but it does look interesting.  Here are some pics i saw that makes say.. wow!.



    No wonder, some artists or celebrities sometimes with short hair sometimes long curly hair.. wig look fake but hair extension looks more natural.


    So.. how? would you dare try this.. or you prefer your hair grow naturally? Interesting but i am not sure if i want to do this but i don’t see any harm trying.


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    She Believe in Happy Ending


    Is it true that we have to go through hell in order to reach heaven?  Life is a journey, a beautiful journey with full of surprises and as much as you want only beautiful things to happened, you will definitely face challenges, pains, sadness and disappointment.   When you go through these ‘hell’, you either take it as lessons in life or regret to live in.  Some people did not reach ‘heaven’ because ‘hell’ is too much for them, so they give up easily. 

    I would love to share a story about a woman, a beautiful woman.  The beginning of her life story were never exciting, it’s dull, full of challenges and pain but her love of her life was her four wonderful children.  When her marriage was on the rocks, she believes that God will always help those who wait patiently for good things to happen.   I remember few years back, when we had a conversation, she will repeat her sad story, uneducated..bla bla bla and I said to her “I heard that story over and over again, I think its time for you to keep that sad story somewhere and share the your dreams, I know you have dreams.. “ she started sharing her dreams, she wants to go visit other countries… .  “Ahh.. that’s all? You should also dream of receiving expensive gifts, such as watch, branded handbags..” we laugh as our dreams becoming almost impossible.   “I want to keep my family together forever” she added, that is her  dream and she believes in happy ending.


    If you wonder what happen to the beautiful woman, she  just turned 60 years old and is still married to the same man.  Its wonderful to witness a change man, change to a better man.  Both of them are now living in Sibu, Sarawak serving church.  They have been staying there for two years, coming back to their family here only once every three months.  Both she and her husband have been to Australia, Singapore and the recent trip to Rome, Italy.

    ‘Wait patiently for good things and believe in dreams’… thank you mummy for this wonderful lesson.

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    Believe in Magic!!

    I am ‘home alone’ and i am in the mood of writing.  Few more hours before 2013 come to an end and we eagerly waiting for 2014.  What surprise will next year gives us, we plan for the best and aim to get the impossible..’achieve the impossible can be possible’.. ya we all know that.. and i believe we can achieve that with determination and courage.

    What do you want? extra money, new career, new style… ? with effort yes.. you can.  You can quit your job and start something else.. yes..you can! you plan.. you do something..go crazy, go silly.. be smart.. you can achieve anything you desire …but there few things uncertain.

    There is few things uncertain in life and it is impossible to get the answer.  We don’t know our fate, or will we succeed in what we want to do and will your dream come true.  We can’t be sure of these can’t we.. unless we strike and do our best but there will be chances of risk and failure that need to take into consideration.  Despite of the uncertain things, there are also things that certain… we are all going to die.. one day.  Its certain we are all going to die.. no matter how..but we don’t know how, why and when.


    We thought we understand  life but we don’t..   life works in ‘mystery’, sometimes we landed in misery yet sometimes there is magic.  If you accept ‘misery’… it will rules you but if you believe in ‘magic’.. either you be the magic to others… life will surprise you with more ‘magical’ experience.

    imagesBe prepared for this new year… not to plan but to be surprised, be prepared to love more than to hate, to share more than to accept and prepare your heart to forgive.  If you not feeling so well, if you feel sick for the past months or years.. try to forgive someone that you feel you will never forgive in your life… forgive the person the makes your life in ‘misery’ who had make you sick.. give the person magic of forgiveness and may your soul be free, life more meaningful and may you feel the magical works on you.

    God bless … Happy New Year 2014!!!!