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    How to Control Emotions

    Have you ever signed in to your facebook account in the morning facing  at angry statement, dissatisfaction,  picture of murder and different type of annoying story. I have probably contribute such annoying story to others too.


    We cant stop anyone from expressing their anger or whatever dissatisfaction they have through social media and sometimes we too have the tendency to do the same.  Probably the time we don’t have anyone to talk to.. so we decide to burst it to the fb wall… our fb friend will eventually comment agreeing, some might not but it wont hurt.  But after a while, once things a bit calmer and you look back at what you posted, you realized that it shouldn’t be written or shared.

    angryExpressing your thoughts or feelings through writing is good but how and where are you posting it.   You posting a hatred message about someone in your FB friend just to get the person notice it, would make harm to you one day.  Probably the person won’t feel the pain but their family or friends will be affected.  And you won’t want people talk about you openly.. do you?



    Another way you can ease your anger is by writing it down in a paper or diary.  Just let down your emotions.  Write what your feelings about and why do feel that way… asked yourself.. the five important questions to help you seek your answer.

    five questions to ask

    Its good to express your feelings and thoughts to other people, as it can ease your worry or burden but if you have problem with someone, once and for all meet and talk to resolve it.  Expressing it verbally and in a nice way is better. In any conflict, a good communication will helps find solution.  You have good feedback, ease your burden and a relax mind.




    Some feelings just need to be explored.. accept it with open mind and  released. Breath and let it go.. the deeper you breath the more you feel better deep inside.  Use your emotional intelligence in dealing with your emotions, making sure you know your worries, anger and sadness will not hurt you or anyone else.


    Look at yourself and examine your emotional intelligence trait.  Which type are you? learn to discover yourself.




    Embrace yourself, feel that feeling in that moment.  If you are sad, it is not wrong to cry.. cry! let it out.. you are sad.. why keeping it inside? too much sadness inside will lead you into depression.  If you hold grudge towards others, learn to forgive.  Nobody says its easy to forgive but when you forgive you will learn to live.


    I know its hard to do but eventually we need to learn to forgive to make a peace in ourselves.


    Eventually when we are angry, we tend to blame others.  “He makes me feel like this”.. ” if not of him/her.. i won’t be like this”. “i am too stupid”… ” i am sick because he/she make me this way”

    You own your mind.. your brain is in your head.  You control your own feelings.  Do not allowed other people to take charge of your emotions.  Learn to heal yourself, its your duties and responsibilities to take care of yourself.


    Focus on positive things in life, there are relatives and friends who are they for you when you are in sorrow.  Go share with them good laugh, happy memories and say thank you for being there for you.

    Find something to be grateful each day.  I was sicked yesterday, almost die but I LIVE! I SURVIVE! Thank you GOD!

    I AM HAPPY! because i choose to be happy.  I want to be happy and i want to share this happiness to others.

    Always start your day with positive affirmation and end your day with thankfulness.

    Thank you for your time! have a nice wonderful day 🙂


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    Five colors of Life – What’s yours?

    I collected great articles from many sources, via internet and also newspaper cutting.  It is interesting to share with you about this article on colors ‘ Your aura colours – signs of stress and tips to be happy.

    We sometimes understand ourselves but sometimes we can’t, especially in handling stress.  Handling stress has a lot to do with the kind of person we are.  How can we know what kind of person we are?  Everyone has an aura – what science calls the elctro-magnetic field and we have all felt them.  We have been instantly drawn to some people and repelled by others, because we have felt their energy.  That energy is expressed in different colour bands that radiate from our bodies – what we call the aura.

    Discovering our aura color personality type and unique coping skills is a valuable key to knowing how to handle stress.    This table below will help you discover your aura color personality, the signs that you are stressed and some helpful tips tailored to help you deal with that stress and take the harried out of the holidays.


    YELLOW are fun loving, humorous, creative, physical, generous, sensitive and natural healers.

    yllow bc

    Signs that you are stressed : You are not laughing and enjoying life.  You are avoiding, procrastinating or distracting yourself with addictions (food, alcohol, TV, sweets, drugs, caffeine, etc). Your back or knees hurt.

    happy yellow

    Tips to become happier : Spend time in nature, exercise, dance, eat healthy, get a massage, play, laugh, cheer up others, hang out with your dog, simplify your life, find reasons to be optimistic, smile, watch a funny movie, and laugh some more.

    GREENS are intelligent and driven accomplishers, often business-owners, managers, sales, etc.

    green lady

    Signs of stress :  You’ve become a workaholic; you’re frustrated, critical, controlling, arguing, yelling, blaming others, or being hard on yourself.  You have tight neck and shoulders, heart problems or digestive issues.

    Tips to become happier : write a list of your accomplishments, appreciate everything on that list, take deep breaths, organize your space, reduce your caffeine intake, reassess and write a list of your goals, trust yourself, and develop a plan.  Then once you learn how to breathe, take action.


    VIOLETS are visionaries, leaders, teachers, artists and humanitarians who want to help the world.

    violet background

    Signs of stress : You’ve become overwhelmed, scattered,  constantly multi-tasking, stuck, bored restless, or depressed; Your thyroid may be unhealthy or your eyes may be bothering you.

    Tips to become happier : Practice your favorite form of daily meditation, travel, listen to positive music and inspirational teachers, spend quiet time alone realigning with your visions, get involved with humanitarian projects, be with people who inspire and motivate you, travel again – hopefully to foreign countries.

    BLUES are loving, nurturing, spiritual, emotional and perpetually counseling and helping others.


    Signs of stress : you’re exhausted from giving too much, you’re sad, cry a lot, feel unappreciated, feel unlovable or unworthy, feel guilty, or depressed.  You may have throat, breast or reproductive issues.

     Tips to become happier : Pray, connect with a greater source, walk, breath, meditate, appreciate your home and loved ones, remember all the loving things you’ve done for others, let go of guilt, trust you are loved, learn to love yourself by doing good things for you too, learn to say no, help other without over doing it, and spend time with supportive friends.

    TANS are practical, logical, patient, detail-oriented, reliable and value stability and security.

    tan bc

    Signs of stress : you’re worried, anxious, impatient, frustrated, critical, bottling up anger or intense emotions, pessimistic, with drawn or shut down.  You may be experiencing headaches or eyestrain.


    Tips to become happier : exercise, watch less news, take a break from the details, develop a secure financial plan, rest your eyes, breath, read positive and optimistic information, find healthy outlets for your emotions ( such as talking with a calm and rational friend who can give practical and trustworthy advice), and research data until you feel more secure.

    There you go – source from starfit4life / HealthNewsDigest.com. i hope you know what your aura colors are and learn the tips to become happier.

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    Destress Yourself with Music


    Musicians friend are needed in time of stress but if you have problem meeting up with your musicians friend, i suggest you view this video in time of stress.  I find it very soothing and so relaxing.

    Just close your eyes and imagine you somewhere in the beach, your body touches the warm of the sand, you smell the air and feel the breeze.

    Use the power of your mind to help you de-stress, no need to go anywhere ..just sit where you are and learn to hypnotize yourself.  You control your mind and let your mind gives you wonder.

    All the best!