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    Make Values an Early Part of Your child’s Learning

    More than ever, families are looking for ways to build their children’s sense of values and beliefs.  In light of the attacks on America and other events in the world, we all want to know what we can do to become better people.

    These suggestions can help you nurture a sense of caring in your child’s everyday life :

    Monkey see – Monkey do!

    When it comes do establishing values, beliefs and morals in your children, the most powerful tool you have is yourself.  Your involvement in community activities will sepak volumes to your child and help determine his or her willingness to make a positive diference in the world.  Include your children in your volunteer activities and show them the benefits of giving to others.

    Charity starts at home

    When your chidlren learn to be charitable at home, it is more likely they will be charitable in other places.  However, for some parents, it’s just the opposite.  Their children are helpers to everyone but their own parents.  If you notice this in your children, try to encourage acts of charity in your home with a pass-it-on box.  The pass-it-on box creats a place for your family members to ask for help from others.  During or after dinner, pass the box around the table and have your children share their needs or describe someone’s act of kindness (Mom teaching the ABC’s or Maria helping Dad pull weeds).

    Animals can teach us a lot when it comes to giving back.

    Some children learn to show a greatdeal of compassion, caring and patience by intereacting with animals.  If your family has a pet, let your child take part in some way – great or small depending on age- in caring for the pet’s daily needs Zoos also have great programs for children to gain hands-on experience caring fro animals.

    Start a neighborhood well-wisher’s club!

    Get the entire family involved in establishing a well-wisher’s club that’s more than a neighbourhood watch.  The well-wisher’s club offers help to neighbours when the need airses.  This can include volunteering to rake leaves and do yard work for an elderly homeowner.  with your kids, welcome new neighbours and treat shud-ins to a friendly visit and a cookie to brighten their day.  You can leave a Yes/No poscard on a neighbor’s door asking if he or she would like help.  This allows you to collect the information you need without disturbing your neighbor.  Be sure to include a list of things you are willing to do.

    Teach your children social skills.

    You can foster positive values in your preschooler by teaching him or her social skills such as following instructions, being kind to others making friends, making good choices, and asking for help.  Great advice on how to develop healthy values in your family and yourng children can be found in the book.

    Interesting article that i love to share with you parents.. . by helping others doing chores.. forget about the treadmills to do workout.. doing charity and exercise at the same time..wouldn’t it be fun!

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    How to Make a Spending Plan

    Making a spending plan is not fun for most people, but it may be beneficial to get your financs back intor healthy shape.  a spending plan deals with handling certain expenses with structure and a finite amount of money.  By having a spending plan, you will protect yourself from spending too much or getting tempted to buy things you can’t afford with a credit card.

    1. First make a list of your general monthly expenses.  Do not include utilities or residential payments which can be imporved with good habits.  What you should list are items or products you pay for on a regular basis and entertainment expenses, which you can directly change.
    2. After you have listed your expenses for entertainment, food and other misc items, it is time for you to take out the receipts.  You should always keep receipts for at least a month.  Write down how much you spend on average in the past month on everything on the list.
    3. Figure out where you may be able to cut down on your spending.  The whole point of a spending plan is to prevent you from over spending, but it also helps you save money in general.
    4. Regardless if you found something to  cut down on or not put a budget on each of the expenses on your spending plan.  Make sure you are comfortable with the budget on each item, as that total will be non-negotiable!
    5. Finally, set aside the amount as the budget for each expense in separate envelopes.  This money will be used to pay for things in your spending plan.  You will not be adding more money to any envelope until the end of the following month.  This will help you practice discipline and good habits in spending money!

    Article from NST dated 14 Oct 2009

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    Edward & Wife…Inseparable in Life and in Death..RIP

    This morning i read an interesting story in the newspaper and it touches my heart….

    London : Inseparable in life and in death, that was what celebrated British conductor Sir Edward and Lady Downes epitomised.

    It was, said their family, a very civilised way to die.  The couple, a shared lifetime of personal and professional triumphs behind them, help hands for their final moments together before climbing on to separate beds to drink the clear liquid containing a fatal dose of barbiturates.  Within 10 minutes, watched by their weeping family, they were dead.

    The story of Edward, 85 and Joan Downes, 74 decided to end their lives after 54 happy years together by suicide rather then struggle with serious health problem… to me is a love story that has an happy ending even though they have choosen the wrong way to die..but if thats makes them happy… i hope God forgive them and my their souls rest in peace.

    And this morning while me and my friend were having breakfast, we saw an old couple.. holding hands..  they both look so happy together… and wonder to myself… and have so many questions in my head.. and if i have the opportunity to interview them.. i would asked these few questions;

    1. how long have they been married?
    2. what was the biggest challenge?
    3. how they raise their children?
    4. did they ever cheated on their partner? hahaha…

    if they were my neighbour.. i will keep on asking question … i am sure..soon enough they will call the long distance moving companies and  move to somewhere else hahaha.

    Well…that is marriage…a big word with big responsibilities that only handle by two different people.. how they work it out, how long it last..it all depends on them…my marriage are still long way to go.. and i trust God to work in my marriage.. amen.