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Allergies and Indoor Air

  Here is an interesting article from which have been published on StarFit4Life, sunday 3rd February 2013.  For our information, this makes me want to take part time cleaner to do house cleaning every week. Even for those of us without allergies, poor indoor air quality is an often overlooked health issue.  Recent researchContinue Reading “Allergies and Indoor Air”

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Fish and Fruit found to be safer bet

Many parents of children with asthma and allergies will already be watching carefully their chil’s diet since certain foods – notoriously nuts – are known to trigger allergic reactions. With news that studies show apparently bland burgers, nuggets, pasties and similar fast foods could contribute to the risk, they will be keen to know whatContinue Reading “Fish and Fruit found to be safer bet”

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Mental Torture Drives Many Women To Divorce

I read in a report in  Berita Harian and an article written in Star in October.  It reported that… Mental and psychological torture by their husbands have driven many women to seek divorce. …” Reasons given to dissolve their marriages include the failure of husbands to fulfill their marital obligations, and using words and actionsContinue Reading “Mental Torture Drives Many Women To Divorce”