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    Rising up to a beautiful day and breath!

    How do you start your day does have an impact for the whole day through. We all start our day thinking what to do..where to go and worrying if things doesn’t go on plan.  We forgotten to be thankful and feel bless for another day we are still breathing.

    Having an attitude of gratitude helps to motivate ourselves.  To be more aware and alert in handling any difficult situations. I would definitely have my morning coffee as my routine.

    There will be no promises that you will have a great day as much as we wanted to and sometimes something unpleasant happened and we have no choice but to face it.

    When we faced with problems, our emotions mixed up.  Being upset, angry, sad are not bad at all, its part of our emotions but we need to be able to control our emotions.

    Day will turn into night, problem unsolved will remain unsolved but there is time to rest.  Rest your mind, body and soul.  Recharge for another day.

    Be thankful you have learnt something that day, able to meet night time and another night to sleep.

    Dream if you may, dream for better day tomorrow, dream for good things to come your way.

    Have a great day ahead!