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    The Resolutions

    As we welcome the New Year, Year of The Rooster, we have listed down our resolution for this year.  What do you want to achieve within the 12 months?


    Most of us tends to repeat the same resolution because we failed to achieve it before but still feels its important. Whatever it is, resolution is something we need as motivation and excitement in that particular year.

    I have a long list but i will be focusing more on few things that are  important to me.


    Most people still don’t understand what autism is.  People tend to judge anyone with autism.  Can’t really blame society because only in April will there be program regarding autism in media electronic and ‘run for autism’ host by few organizations.

    As a mother to a mild autism son, its my responsibility to share my knowledge to others with hope that autism can be accepted in society without being judge but loved.



    There are simple ways we can do to help our environment.  I do keep boxes, recycle papers and give it to our cleaner, as we know they will sell it to recycle shop.  Same goes with plastic bottle and can drinks.  But somehow one used can drink can go into a dustbin and that makes me feel bad.

    I also love using shopping bag whenever i go for shopping but maybe its not a habit yet.. as sometimes i forgot to bring shopping bag and ended up bringing plastic home.

    I really want to make sure if i go shopping, i will be ready with my shopping bag and make it as a habit. Not only it helps mother nature but hey.. carrying shopping bag looks cool than carrying plastic bag.


    Last year, my daughter and i had experience learning ukulele and we had fun.  My husband even bought ukulele at a guitar center near me shop after we took the lesson.  It was fun, we practice using the notes given and also some YouTube video on how to play ukulele.


    My goal is to read 2 books in a month and to write at least 1 blog a week. Reading feeds the mind and  helps generate more ideas.


    Writing is therapeutic, helps uplift the spirit.  Sharing heals us, as long as we write topics that not related to hate or anger.. good energy will flow back to us.


    This is also one of the important resolution for this year.  Not that i want to be slim, yes i do but main reason is to stay healthy.

    Early year, I already started jogging after work and early Saturday morning. Feeling awesome when we sweat.  I did some yoga pose at home but i prefer doing yoga in a studio. I am already thinking of going to a gym or do some different sport in the future.


    I hope i can achieve this by end of the year and if i make it as a habit it will be great so i can focus on different resolution next year.