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    The Unplanned Holiday

    I wanted to post about our recent trip but i just keep forgetting about it, the smell of the peppermint oil i used while traveling anchored and reminded me of that day.

    It was the mid year school holiday, kids were at their cousin for few days and after that I took two days off to stay at home with them, not doing anything, just like a normal weekend and my typical work when i am at home, the housework just never ends.

    It was friday and school day just around the corner, my husband decided we travel to Labuan that Saturday, just for fun and at the same time visiting my sister who was just had her operation.  The first thing i did was to prepare my kids stuff for school and get them to prepare their books.

    The Journey Begins

    So on Saturday (11 June 2016), at 8.00 am, after taking our breakfast at the ‘mamak’ restaurant, we drive to Menumbok.  Arrived around 10.00am, parked our car at one of the houses that provided a daily/weekly car park for public.


    If you taking your vehicle with you, of course you need to use the ferry but if you tend to leave your vehicle behind.. you can either choose to go by speed boat, which is so fast or ferry (different time, different type of ferry).

    Since we were not taking our car, we decided to take the adventurous ride… the ‘speed boat‘.  I was worried at first, but when i see there were parents and  kids were at the counter, we thought.. why not.

    The Speed Boat

    While we were going into the speed boat, i wanted to take my handphone and take a snap but my husband was looking at me like he want to ‘eat’ me..hahaha.  But luckily i saw his ‘look’ or else i might either drop my handphone down or i fall, because i didn’t get my body balance right when i was to enter the boat.  So there is no picture of the speed boat.. neither from outside or inside.

    To get you visual how it looks.. i got this picture from google just to give you the rough idea on how the speed boat look like.

    Picture courtesy from google picture
    Picture courtesy from google picture

    I was sitting almost near to the driver, inside the boat are old and rusty.  It was smooth sailing but there were times i feel thrown from the seat.. well there is no seat belt, so i was holding the seat so tight. I don’t know where to look, the sea, the people sitting in front of me or the driver.  “Mummy saya mau muntah” (i want to vomit) says one kid to his mum.  “jangan kama, saya tiada bawa plastik ni” (warned her child that she did not bring any plastic bag if they want to throw up.)  Damn! and i picture the scenario in my head.. no!!

    The Essential Young Living Oil

    Yes, i prepared for this so i bring with me 3 types of essential living oil.  Peppermint, Melalueca and  Lavendar.   The Peppermint smell makes me wide awake and fresh the whole journey.

    It took only 25 minute for us to reach Labuan.. phew..glad we landed.   My son look pale.. hehe but my daughter find the ride interesting . .  . . eeer seriously?


    The Walking GPS

    Again no picture were taken.  As we arrived, without asking my nephew to pick us up, my husband and my daughter just walk in front of us searching for the hotel we already booked using GPS app in the handphone.  After few kilometers walk under the sun., i called the hotel for their location, well lucky we just need to cross the road and once we reached the destination, we were sweating wet as if we were walking under the rain.

    Chocolate, Liquor and Lots of Chocolate

    We visited my sister, hand around for a while and after that is just shop shop shop.  Labuan is popular for shopping destination for alcohol beverages and chocolates.

    Heading Home

    We had an enjoyable fun stay in Labuan, the next day we head home in the afternoon using the ferry.  It feels like years, because the only available ferry was the longest in service and the oldest of all ferry.  It was like 3 long hours, warm but just a time to relax and enjoy the ride.

    Why No Picture?


    I feel bad that not much picture in this post but i feel happy that i did not ‘snap’ every single thing we do.   We feel the moment of the togetherness and experience the true quality time.

    The picture we created in our children’s memory are more memorable than the picture we took.  They kept the beautiful memory in their mind and keep it as their ‘precious moment list’.

    Its fun traveling with family and its more interesting when its unplanned holiday.  Unplanned holiday gets the kids more excited for the journey.  Life is fun when we break our routines and makes some surprises.

    Till another surprise!