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The Modern Kitchen

I am sure you love being in your kitchen.  The smell of the bread or cake that you bake, the aroma of your coffee.  Kitchen is the best place.

My kitchen is small, so we make a choice to get rid of some appliances and invested on Thermomix TM5.  Its is so expensive but its worth every penny.  I know my ‘investment’ will always be useful ..for today and the future.


This is what thermomix tm5 can do.. now that i have thermomix, i have keep other appliances.  We don’t use rice cooker, blender because all the basic is now done using thermomix.   We use the chip attached but most of the time we refer to recipe thermomix tm5 which can be easily found online.

Other than our gas stove, we only have thermomix and oven on the kitchen table.



I wont lie to you, i love using thermomix..its the modern way of cooking, i use it to cook rice, making bread.. and lots of stuff but i still love the traditional way.  I still love cooking on the stove, i have pots and pans organizer in my kitchen. 

What i love about my modern appliance is that i am able to cook rice while steaming fish on varoma dish.  It just the right timing that i have extra and saved some just to invest on thermomix.

No matter, what appliances we have, at the end of the day,healthy food is what matters most.

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