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Learn to Teach

My son told me he have maths homework, it was simple addition but he seems to have problem to understand it.  I tried the simple way but it doesn’t work for him.  So i decided to use all the senses, hand.. fingers number 0 is invisible, using my voice, making a rhythm saying the numbers.. touch his shoulder or hand whenever he misses something or got it right.  Now i am starting his way of learning and it is not easy for me.. but will be easy for him.

I remember teaching my daughter maths before her exam, she hated maths..well so do i but i asked her..what would she feel if she able to do this right.. “happy” she exclaimed.  Using all the senses.. adding emotions.. helps my girl.  She got 80 marks for her maths exam.. that thrills her, jokingly i asked her “..and who make you got 80?”.. “yaaaa“. Its not the marks i am happy about, its the joy of understanding how they learn.  I also realized my daughter learn like me, read aloud and sharing what we learn to others is one of our best way to understand things better.


It is a challenge for educators to understand each of their students learning style but as parents, we can learn to understand their learning style and probably discuss with their teachers.


I then wonder, why i did not discovered this back then, when i was studying.  Nothing is considered late when its come to learning… that is why we call it ‘discovery’.  Self discover happened when we eager to know something and willing to learn.  You will then discover that you are intelligent because everyone born with intelligent but somehow just did not discovered it soon enough.

Happy learning everyone!

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