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Tips for Parents and Teachers on how to teach Autism

The reason i write about autism is to spread awareness.  I don’t like to label ‘disability’ ‘normal’ ‘smart’ ‘slow learner’ ‘special’ ‘gifted’ or any kind of names you want to use.  ‘Unique’ that’s what we are, we are different from each other.

As parents, i will never stop learning.. never! I will keep on doing research, learn, adapt and if i fail, i will try again, same method or different method.  Will always learning and try new things.


I believe i make teachers hard times, i query them, disagree with them but eventually i gain nothing.  So i decided not to fight but to join hand.   At home, my son can do certain work that he unable to do so in school and like wise, teacher can teach him to do activity, such as loom band which i surrender to teach him.  Its a win-win situation..  its not who won? parents or teachers .. but how a child can learn.. their unique way with parents and teachers help.

Here are good video on youtube that will help, us parents and teachers on how to teach kids with high functioning autism.




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