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Understanding AUTISM

imagesWhat is Autism?

If you google in the internet, you can find lots of answer on ‘what is autism’, you will get .. “.. development disorder,.. brain problem,.. brain disorder, ..problem in interaction.. the list goes on.  I cannot give specific answer on this but, in my opinion  ‘Sensory Integration’ is the best way to describe autism.

We are use to label people when there are differences, special kid, special need, slow learner or whatsoever comes into our mind.  Are we are normal? what is your definition of ‘normal’ exactly?  We are born uniquely different from each other, even identical twins have their own differences.

I am no expert but being a mother, you have no choice but to be your own expert, run your own research, learn as much as you can and act on what you think is best.  It is always a challenge having ‘mild autistic’ child but i cannot imagine being in their shoes, it must be pretty difficult.

 What should you do if your child diagnosed as autistic?

It is hard to accept and you begin to questions everything, you start questions yourself.. ‘why’? and you questions God ..”why me”?  Indeed, the most painful experience one parents don’t want to go through but somehow we need to accept it.  I was in denial at first but when i realized that there are interventions, therapy and many resources are available these days.

 “Do not fear people with Autism, embrace them, Do not spite people with Autism unite them, Do not deny people with Autism accept them for then their abilities will shine”― Paul Isaacs

Dear parents, there are reasons for everything in life.  Don’t look back and feel bad on what you did but move forward and seek what can you do.  Here some information that may help you in dealing with your child sensory integration’s problem.



TACA  (Talk about curing autism)

Autism Speak




Autism Research Institute

Food For The Brain



National Autism Resources

Learning Resources

Learning Resources UK

Benefits of Yoga



Dr. Temple Grandin

The I Can Network – Chris Varney

Paul Isaacs Blog

Child Mind

Growing up Autistic

CNN – Growing up autistic


If you tired, take a rest.  If you sad, just cry and let it out.  If you angry, write it how you feel.  But one thing you should not do is to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

God bless!



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