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    Christmas Party Ideas

    untitledHow time flies…  Christmas is just around the corner! I haven’t bought any presents and my main problem is what to give to the children.  My  children, including my nephews and nieces are growing up.  I remember buying them toys, then stationeries and I don’t know what next.  I have only a week to think of what to buy.

    The other things to think is Christmas activity… what should we do for the children as they are the one for are looking forward for that day. There are few ideas I found online and to share with you a few, hoping you will have extras ideas on what to plan this Christmas.

    1.  Singing Christmas Carol

     What I have in mind is a Christmas carol by my children, nephews and nieces,  as they can sing, play guitar but the only problem is we don’t have keyboard and keyboard stand.  Well guitars are just good.



    Another interesting activity is games..

    2.   Pin the Red nose on Rudolf



    Large picture of Rudolph (download here)
    Red circle cutouts for his nose, one per person
    Double stick tape
    Black Sharpie


    Print out a poster-sized picture of Rudolph and tape it to a wall in the office

    How to Play

    Hand out one red circle per contestant, and affix double-stick tape to one side of each circle.

    Have each contestant write their name in Sharpie on the red circle so you can determine whose circle is closest to Rudolph’s real nose at the end of the game.

    Put a blindfold on each contestant, spin them around once, and let them try to stick their red circle nose closest to Rudolph’s nose on the poster.

    Repeat until everyone’s red circles are up on the board and you have a winner.

    The person who places their red circle closes to where Rudolph’s nose should be, wins!

    Idea and source from Celebrations.com



    3.  Fill the Christmas stocking.

    Divide into teams and have the participants race to fill their team’s hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candy.

    4.  Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

    Fill a Christmas stocking with unusual items. Let each guest feel the inside of the stocking (without looking) or feel inside the stocking (again, without looking) and make a list of what he or she thinks is in the stocking! The winner is the player with the most correct guesses. Be sure to put in a few challenging objects that will be hard to guess.

    Read more from the source : Christmas Party Games http://www.easy-party-ideas-and-games.com/christmas-party-games.html#ixzz3LN8OOrTk

    5.  Printable Activity


    Last but not least, you can also add ideas such as coloring or any printable activity for kids to have fun with.

    Enjoy!! wishing you all a wonderful Christmas party! 🙂