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    How Children Learn through Art

    According to Additute magazine, art therapy is a process of drawing and painting that helps to improve the wellbeing of children.  It is explained that through art, children can express themselves, which helps to address emotional and behavioral problem, as well as stress.

    I was reading HerWorld, issue Oct 2014 and i came across an interesting topic regarding Arts for children.  Ms. Leong Min See, a creative arts therapist and trainer, shares four ways parents scan help their children through art.

    As much as my children loves arts, Ms. Leong suggestions on the art activities open my mind more.  This is what we can do for different needs.



    Parents can design an arts activity to enhance the child’s learning abilities in reading, writing and concentration.  For example, ask the child to draw the family or a park, and then write a few sentences or a composition related to it.



    Parents can design an arts activity to enhance the child’s emotional intelligence (EQ), including managing different emotions and problem solving.  For example, ask the child to use a paper plate to make masks with different emotions, e.g. wear the angry mask, talk about angry feelings and how to cope with it.





    Parents can design an arts activity to enhance the child’s communication, interpersonal and empathic skills.  For example, parents can use picture books to talk about friendship.  Then, ask the child to draw out what happens in different situations, e.g. draw a scene of what you can do if your friend asks you to do something that will annoy you.  After that, role play with the child.  This will teach the child how to cope with bullying.




    Parents can design an arts activity to allow the child to express herself  fully.  For example, let the child draw or color whatever comes to her mind.  You could also ask her to close her eyes and scribble, then open them, look at the scribble, add lines, circles and whatever shapes she likes, and make it into a drawing.  then, talk about the drawing.  The child can also use play dough to make art work and talk about it.

    My kids loves arts and i love it when they do arts but i don’t really like the mess after the art finish.  I might need to gives rules on cleaning after art.  Meanwhile i will follow the tips given .. i can’t wait to start.  I hope you enjoy your art time with your children.