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    Puppy or Baby?

      “Mum.. i want a pet?” asked my daughter.  She have been bugging me to get a pet for her… but she wanted a puppy.   Looking at www.entirelypets.com, it makes me feel to have a puppy too, but looking at the expenses for the foods and medication, it was like having another baby.   The other important thing to consider is the commitment and the responsibility to handle any pet.

    “You still need me to take care of you, how would you take care of a puppy?” i replied.  She look at me and said “pretty well, i don’t need a puppy but can you give me a baby sister.. pleassseee“.

    puppy-and-babyCan you imagine puppy and baby in the house.. it would be fun!

    Before i could answer her .. “oh! i know!, we can have both, so that we don’t need to choose”.. looking at me with her happy face.  “Err, excuse me, i you need to learn to clean your room and take care of yourself first” i told her.    She insisted she will be a responsible sister.

    Having puppy or baby is a wonderful idea, i can feel the fun, warm and interesting  but at the moment  neither puppy or baby will be in the house.