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How to Make Changes in Life

Most people would like to make a change in their life. Some people find it difficult to change anything in their life because they are afraid of failure and they do not have an effective strategy. To make changes in life can be difficult but depending on the individual, how serious and determine they are to change, nothing is impossible.


Why do people decide to change? You decide to change because you want to improve yourself and the quality of your life. To change is a choice and any type of change, may it spiritual, emotional, mental, physical or financial situation, start from changing your habit and behavior. First of all, you need find time to listen to yourself. To acknowledge, recognize and identify what need to be changed in your life. For example, you want to change your financial situation, you make your list and set your goal but if you still stuck with your spending habit or doing nothing, for sure nothing will change.

“The beginning of a habit is like an invisible thread, but every time we repeat the act we strengthen the strand, add to it another filament, until it becomes a great cable and binds us irrevocably, thoughts and act.” Orison Sweet

There are a few challenges that made changes difficult. First of all, they tried to make drastic changes. Drastic changes can be stressful. Start with something simple and do it one step at the time. Secondly, Our biggest obstacle would be by our past failure. We need to be able to accept failure and learn to try again. Third, we cannot move on because we do not have any plan on how to go about it. Fourth, we are too comfortable in our zone, cannot accept changes and unable to face challenges. I believe that if there is determination and discipline, nothing is impossible.


Through my own personal observation, those I have seen made changes in their life are those who are focus on what they wanted in life. They had made certain goal on what they wanted, how they wanted it and when they will achieve the goal. They manage to changed their quality of life because of their determination and hard work. Those who wanted to change but find it difficult to do so are those who complaints a lot, blame others for their own difficulties, even find excuses on doing things and like not enough time or too tired.

To make a change in our life is not that difficult if we learn to focus more on what we wanted. NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is a powerful tools being used by many people, Anthony Robbins, motivator and author of Awaken The Giant Within are one of them.  NLP are more on training our subconscious mind, positive affirmation and belief.  For example, you want to lose weight, visualize yourself in the weight or size that you want to be. Imagine what people say when they see the new you and what would you feel. Train your subconscious mind to believe you already achieving this, as your self esteem and self confidence build, focus on the healthy food. You will manage to change your routine.


Ask yourself first, what you wanted to change? I am sure if the changes is for the best , you will work it out . Changes need a lot of hard work along the way but guided with your own wisdom and motivation belief, anything is possible. To change is a choice and the choice is yours.





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