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    Blue or Red?

    Imagine you a property at the  Miami Beach condos .   Your own property near to the wonderful and famous beaches in the world.   Walk on the beaches in the evening, looking at the sunset and feel the breeze touch your skin.

    Here are some wonderful dresses that look great for walking on the beaches.

    Stunning red get you at the center of attraction.  Red can be hot like fire and even small flames can gives a sparks.




    Blue as the color of sky makes a romantic walk by the beach.  Some people loves blue because it looks calm as water but waves can be fierce too.



    It is up to you to choose blue or red to play the sand and feel the breeze.


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    Polite please

    Social media connected us with our family and friends.   FB, twitter just to name a few social media have been a trend, while  apps such as WhatSapp and Wechat becoming popular these days.  No doubt these social media helps a lot in connecting people together… but it seems that we forgotten to use our social courtesy and respect by using this social media and apps.


    For example, you are added in a group in ‘whatsapp’, probably its your family group or group belong to a group of friends that require you to get involved in giving or sharing information.  When you are asked to join a group but you feel you should not be in the group, you can actually say.. or type “i am sorry, i am not online all the time.. maybe next time“… then you can ‘leave group’ without people in the group judge you on why are you leaving without saying goodbye.    Same goes to a group that some no longer active in, if one of your friend are no longer active  in the group, its good to ask if the person still want to be in the group rather then just delete them.   We still need to use courtesy from time to time and respect others feeling.  Imagine you were ‘removed’ from a group you not active in  but still want to get information.. aah so harsh.  You were trying to find the right word to ‘leave’ but at the end of the day you were ‘removed’.


    Miscommunication occur when the receiver did not get the right message of what the sender trying to give… sometimes we don’t mean what we said but the receiver might feel or take it as different meaning.   We try our best to be polite when we’re talking but why can’t we be polite when we use the social media..?  Be polite because that is the best way to communicate.