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    Being a Better Person

    Every day when I wake up, I thank God for another day in my life. I always remind myself to be better than I was the day before.

    To be better and healthier, I made a decision to focus on exercise. I was one of those people who had 1001 excuses not to exercise. My eldest sister eventually gave up trying to persuade me to join her aerobics class a few years ago. :p Somehow, in the middle of 2013, I was motivated to start running and joined a 10km run in October the same year. I began training and so pleased that I completed the run! Yay!

    In December last year, I decided to join a half-marathon that was held in March this year. I was excited and nervous because I knew it was going to be a tough training. I trained for seven weeks and when the day of the actual half-marathon came, I had mixed feelings of excitement and being anxious. It turned out to be such an amazing journey for me.


    I completed the half-marathon in 2:46, obviously with sore body! Ouchh… My next half-marathon is in May 2014.  I know it’s also going to be a tough one but it is also a journey of self-discovery, to understand and appreciate endurance.

    This is just one of my examples of making an effort to be a better person.  For me, it is a meaningful and emotional journey – everyday, we need to make a conscious choice to make a positive difference in our lives, no matter how small it is.




    This post is a courtesy by a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent  friend,  Susan Pudin.   We knew each other through blogging, we were  actively blogging back then.  We met few years back and become friend ever since. 

    She inspired me in many ways, never give up in our dreams.  She is currently in studying as a postgraduate in University of Waikato, her research is on Community Environmental Education, in fact her determination inspired me in pursuing my study.