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    The Hair Extensions


    Whenever i have long hair, the only time i love it most is when i want to go to any occasions or dinner i can make choices on what to do with my hair.  I can curl it or make any style hairdo but when i go work i just tie it and worse when its hot, my hair become troublesome.

    When the weather is hot hot hot and looking at ladies with short hair look sexy then i decided to cut my hair short.  But when my hair i short, i envy looking at others with long beautiful hair.

    Have you ever wanted to have your hair long but you can’t wait for it to grow? aha! why don’t you try to do hair extensions.  I never tried this but it does look interesting.  Here are some pics i saw that makes say.. wow!.



    No wonder, some artists or celebrities sometimes with short hair sometimes long curly hair.. wig look fake but hair extension looks more natural.


    So.. how? would you dare try this.. or you prefer your hair grow naturally? Interesting but i am not sure if i want to do this but i don’t see any harm trying.