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    Wrong Time, Wrong Place, No Ideas

    So sorry, i have not updated this blog for awhile.  Its not that i am too busy but i always meet up with the wrong time, wrong place and no ideas.  I am sure you have faced similar situation, you have the chance and opportunity to do something but you have no idea what to do, and in my case i don’t have any ideas to write.  I was like staring at the laptop hoping that it gives me visual ideas and my fingers will start tapping the table hoping it can automatically type something but nothing means nothing at all, what a waste of time.


    There were also time that my brain are full with stories and ideas to write but unable to express it through this blog due to time, another wrong time, wrong place situation.

    I hope i can get more ideas, get the right time and place.  Next post i have friends who are willing to share their inspirational stories, i hope that will help me fill in more post in the future.

    Till then, take care.