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    One Eyed Mum

    On Mother’s Day, i decided to share my daughter a story that i received from FB and Whatssapp.  Being a drama queen myself and a little talent in acting, i told her the story with full of emotions.  I really act it out to make it real.. here how the story goes :


    There was a boy whose mother had only one eye.  He hated her because she felt it as an embarrassment.  His mother is a single mother, she cooked for students and teachers to support the family.

    He was so embarrassed when his mum came to his school to say hello to him.  How  could she do this to me?  he said, he ignored her, threw her a hateful look and  ran out. The next day at school one of his  classmates said, “eee, your  mom only has one eye!”.  

    After that event he  wanted his  mom to just disappear.  “If you’re  only gonna make me a laughing stock, why don’t you just die?” .. said the boy to his mother.

    Her  mother did not respond… he didn’t even stop to think for a second about what  he said, how hurt his mother was at that time.  He studied hard, got a chance to study abroad.  He then got married, he have everything he wanted, big house, kids on his own.  Well he is a successful man now.

    “What happened to his mother,? mummy”, chrissa asked.

    Well.. his mother misses her so much, she visited him and wanted to see her grandchildren.  But when she stood by the door, his children laughed at her.  He screamed at her, “how dare you come to my house and scare my children!! get out now!!.

    And to this, her  mother quietly answered, “Oh, I’m so  sorry. I may have gotten the wrong address.” – and she disappeared out  of sight.

    One day, a letter regarding a school reunion came to my  house. So he lied to his wife that he was going on a business trip. After  the reunion, I went to the old shack just out of curiosity.

    His  neighbors said that her mother died, he did not shed a single tear.  They handed him a letter that she had wanted him to have.



    “My dearest son,
    I think of you all the time. I’m sorry that I came to your house and scared your children.
    I  was so glad when I heard you were coming for the reunion. But I may not  be able to even get out of bed to see you. I’m sorry that I was a  constant embarrassment to you when you were growing up.
    You  see……..when you were very little, you got into an accident, and lost  your eye. As a mother, I couldn’t stand watching you having to grow up  with one eye. So I gave you mine.
    I was so proud of my son who was seeing a whole new world for me, in my place, with that eye.

    With all my love to you,
    Your mother.”


    I feel so accomplished after sharing her the story but my daughter said she can’t stop thinking about how bad the boy was to his mother.

    After few hours, “mummy, i cannot stop thinking about the mother, why she did not tell her son earlier..  her son will accepted her” asked my curious daughter.  I told her, sometimes a mother loves her child so much, she will let the secret be her own, or else the boy might feel guilty or sad.    The story had  affected her emotion, probably because the way i narrated and add drama to it had made it sound so real.

    “Mummy, the story is so sad .. i think the mother should have told her about the accident long before oh”..  I feel so desperate to make my daughter happy again.   “So true girl, the mother should have said “Give me back my eyes“!!  

    “Muuum! my girl look at me with surprise and we laughed.  The story might not have a happy ending but it is a wonderful lesson to every child how to appreciate their mothers.



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    Being a Better Person

    Every day when I wake up, I thank God for another day in my life. I always remind myself to be better than I was the day before.

    To be better and healthier, I made a decision to focus on exercise. I was one of those people who had 1001 excuses not to exercise. My eldest sister eventually gave up trying to persuade me to join her aerobics class a few years ago. :p Somehow, in the middle of 2013, I was motivated to start running and joined a 10km run in October the same year. I began training and so pleased that I completed the run! Yay!

    In December last year, I decided to join a half-marathon that was held in March this year. I was excited and nervous because I knew it was going to be a tough training. I trained for seven weeks and when the day of the actual half-marathon came, I had mixed feelings of excitement and being anxious. It turned out to be such an amazing journey for me.


    I completed the half-marathon in 2:46, obviously with sore body! Ouchh… My next half-marathon is in May 2014.  I know it’s also going to be a tough one but it is also a journey of self-discovery, to understand and appreciate endurance.

    This is just one of my examples of making an effort to be a better person.  For me, it is a meaningful and emotional journey – everyday, we need to make a conscious choice to make a positive difference in our lives, no matter how small it is.




    This post is a courtesy by a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent  friend,  Susan Pudin.   We knew each other through blogging, we were  actively blogging back then.  We met few years back and become friend ever since. 

    She inspired me in many ways, never give up in our dreams.  She is currently in studying as a postgraduate in University of Waikato, her research is on Community Environmental Education, in fact her determination inspired me in pursuing my study.



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    The Hair Extensions


    Whenever i have long hair, the only time i love it most is when i want to go to any occasions or dinner i can make choices on what to do with my hair.  I can curl it or make any style hairdo but when i go work i just tie it and worse when its hot, my hair become troublesome.

    When the weather is hot hot hot and looking at ladies with short hair look sexy then i decided to cut my hair short.  But when my hair i short, i envy looking at others with long beautiful hair.

    Have you ever wanted to have your hair long but you can’t wait for it to grow? aha! why don’t you try to do hair extensions.  I never tried this but it does look interesting.  Here are some pics i saw that makes say.. wow!.



    No wonder, some artists or celebrities sometimes with short hair sometimes long curly hair.. wig look fake but hair extension looks more natural.


    So.. how? would you dare try this.. or you prefer your hair grow naturally? Interesting but i am not sure if i want to do this but i don’t see any harm trying.