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Things That Leads To Stress

Yesterday let my car petrol almost empty , the fuel icon was blinking indicating that it needed fuel.   I left early before picking up my kids from school just to fill up fuel, i wanted to get to the nearest petrol station because the ‘blinking’ sign make me panic, so instead of taking the short route i ended up using the long route.   I was panic and nervous, my mind is flashing like  light  that i have  never seen before.


Back to my journey, i managed to fill up fuel and i have extra time, so i decided to go to the bank to get my debit card that have been retained.   Donggongon is a busy place, not so jammed at that time but no parking nearby so i decided to park where i see others parked which is near the bank.  I went inside the bank, asked for my debit card but the customer service personnel asked me to wait for another five customers.  Furious i became when she said its going to take a long time because i just need to claim something that is mine and i don’t feel i need to wait that long.   I was angry and i persuaded her to settle my case first and even told her that i scared where i parked is illegal, she advice me to move the car as so many police traffics doing their round.  After a few persuasion, she decided to give me my debit card,  i am not sure whether to feel bad or proud by my action.

Stepping out of the bank, i saw only my car left, aaah i sense something bad happened, i ran to my car and yes i found a piece of paper on the car windscreen.   I can feel my face turn red, heart beating fast and i just feel nothing but regret.  If i just wait for the right time to collect the debit card or if i parked at the proper parking space this won’t be happening.   While on the way to pick up my kids, it was massive jam but managed to get to the school on time, i told my daughter what happened and how stressed i was.  She replied, “jahat oh the police”, but i said it was my mistakes and she said “sayang or your money” (you just wasted your money) ya thank you for the reminder.


What i learn from yesterday is that if you want to do something, spend time and don’t rush.  If you so something in a rush, you tend to get panic and angry.  Today i took a day off because nobody taking care of my kids, so i decided to settle few things today which i did.  I have time settle few things with my kids with me, managed to do things properly and easy because i have the time.

These are few things that lead to stress.  So next time i want to do something or settle something, i will find time so that i will not panic or angry.  What i did to the bank personnel and waiting customers are not to be proud of.

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